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  1. I had an old bottle of paint brush cleaner lying around so used that to clean the tool after I had finished with it. Could probably have cleaned the reservoir bit better using a cotton bud or something but made sure that I used the cleaning tool to poke any paint through the nib. Even left the cleaning tool in place for half an hour to prevent paint drying up inside the nib part and potentially blocking it for future use. Might have another go at the small cluster of chips on the bumper to see if I can make it look better next weekend. Will find out if I cleaned the tool out properly then!
  2. It was a lot more difficult to find it to take the picture, so yeah, pleased with that. The cluster on the bumper doesn't look so good, though and I think I might need to put some more paint in those. When I zoom into the "after" picture of the bumper ones I think I can see some bits that I missed. This was using a premixed, non-official, touch up paint I got off eBay. Not bad for a first attempt, I suppose! I'm no artist (or photographing, either 😂) and was surprised I didn't put little dots all over the place, to be honest
  3. I gave it a go yesterday on a couple of sets of chips - 1 on the front wing and the other set on the bumper just above the number plate. It does produce very small dots of paint. Before and after shots of the front wing chip were not taken from the same place/lighting conditions but here you go. The chip is in the middle of each photo Before: After:
  4. Now have the paint, too. What will the best thing to clean the tool with after use? Paint thinners, white spirit or just warm water? Also, will it a case of building up enough paint in the chip to sand it back level before polishing? Or maybe this will put so little paint down that won't be needed. itching to get out there and try it but weather not playing ball at the moment.
  5. Mine turned up today (only ordered it yesterday and thought it was going to be delivered tomorrow). Just need some paint now and I will give it a go!
  6. Am I right in thinking that the official Porsche touch up paints for metallic colours (such as my Aqua Blue metallic) will come as separate paint and clear coat bottles? Perhaps other suppliers might provide a pre-mixed kit? If so, wondering how best to use them with that painting tool? First dab the paint in, let it dry and then repeat with the clear coat? Maybe the clear coat will be too thick for that tool, in which case either thin it down with thinners or just ignore the clear coat step.
  7. Hi all, Got a few small stone chips that I want to address before I attempt a ceramic coating on my 2012 Boxster S and was looking around for the best way (other than respray!) to make them look good. The car is Aqua Blue metallic and so the stone chips show up easily. Came across this video of a guy using a very fine paint tool to fill in loads of stone chips on an old 911. Anyone tried something like this - it seems to generate tiny little drops of paint that you keep dotting until the area is filled and avoids the usual big blob from a standard touch up paint brush. Looked quite good to me when they showed the final result. Any other simple methods that work with decent results? I've seen Chipex mentioned somewhere and that involved dabbing blobs of paint on and then removing the excess with some blending solution. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. I managed to get a warranty through them a month ago. Said if I mentioned policy number to anyone and they took out a policy they'd send me some cash! So they must have been thinking of selling more policies for Boxsters then. Maybe it's changed recently. It's not a Warranty Direct policy - it's done through a third party and is the same policy that you'd get through a dealer (not OPC) and the claim limit is the value of the car, not the £5k that the Warranty Direct policy covers you for. If you want to try mentioning my policy no. go ahead. What have you got to lose? WD050110/191918
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