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  1. My renewal letter popped through the letterbox yesterday morning from Aviva. Was thinking to myself how much has it gone up from last year, so didn't even bother opening it. Opened the darn thing this afternoon only to be somewhat shocked that its just a few pounds more expensive then last year. £20 discount if I renew online too. I need a lie down
  2. They've written my 986 off

    Sorry to hear about this Chris. I don't think £5000 is unreasonable at all considering the condition and maintenance of the car. Now you just have to convince your insurance company. Good luck with it all
  3. Adding additional miles

    Good point, I forgot about the the NCB thing
  4. Adding additional miles

    Do you really save that much money by buying insurance with a limited mileage, or is there some other benefit ? In my experience it makes very little difference to the price, unless your are doing say 20k miles + a year.
  5. Hi Paul

    Picked my 172k Boxster S up yesterday :) lovely...

    1. PaulQ


      Nice one buddy. Enjoy :)


  6. Insurance rising!

    Probably the latter................
  7. Insurance rising!

    Which is all I was saying really. Interesting point about the roof though
  8. Insurance rising!

    Not really, why pay more then you need to ? Obviously you need to check the policy carefully, but just because its more expensive doesn't necessarily mean the cover is any better.
  9. Insurance rising!

    Wow, never thought you could even get insurance for under about £150.
  10. How To: Remove the rear bumper (986.1)

    Most of mine wouldn't budge, but my car is nearly 20 years old.
  11. Only seems to work on cars up to year 2000.
  12. No oil temp sensor fitted, but the coolant one is usefull.
  13. Cat D insurers

    Thanks for the information Jon
  14. Cat D insurers

    Thanks missed that one. I fully agree with the points you are making..........the only difference being I would tell them about the cat status, same as Glyn.
  15. Cat D insurers

    That pretty much sums it up Ian