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  1. Privilege are the posh car version of Direct Line so no joy there. Esure won't insure me but their sister company First Advantage will do and they have come up with a good quote although I will need to check the European cover
  2. Esure won't insure me for some reason although their sister company First Alternative will and they haev come up with a cracking quote about £125 cheaper than my renewal. It looks as if I will have to phone them and find out about their European cover as Liverpool Victoria do offer cover within their policy
  3. I have just got my renewal through from Privilege and my premium has gone up by a whopping £200. Best quote so far is from Liverpool Victoria (thanks for the tip guys) who are £100 less than Privilege with a lower XS and no extra for European Cover (IIRC Privilege want £40 for a Green Card every time I go abroad) Any other recommendations?
  4. Heart says Turbo Head says "get rid of wifey"
  5. The main criterion for insurers though is your postcode. For example I live in a village full of nice doctors and lawyers surrounded by fields about 8 miles from Leeds. However our postcode is LS14 which includes Seacroft and Gipton - two of the roughest areas in Leeds. Despite having full NCB, 36 years, Susan 33 - I still have to pay over a grand for insurance for Susan and me on my S
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