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  1. Hi Rich 

    . Sent message ref parts 

    .   Thanks Andy

  2. I tried a few things but no matter what, I couldn't get the car up all four short of screwing the damn things to the floor. I tried on two consecutive winters but they went in the bin recently. Never had a problem with flat spots by just pumping the tyres up to 50 psi before storage anyway.
  3. If storing it inside, these things are awful on a painted garage floor - impossible to drive onto as they slide away. You really need to jack the car up and lower it down onto them which is really tricky on the wall side of a double garage. Must be impossible in a single garage. Save your money!
  4. Is that an Astir I see in the background,,,????

  5. This year, I paid £390 with Admiral for both the Boxster and the Type R fully comp including breakdown which is £50 less than last year.
  6. No, was £60 cheaper but that may be due to accruing more no claims bonus on the second car. Direct lines multicar policy was just over £1000 and had higher excesses.
  7. I just renewed with Admiral multicar for £420. The Boxster was £170 and the Type R annoyingly was more at £250.
  8. Rick, Durametric cannot code cluster changes Dan I think you'll find the Durametric professional version can code the cluster. The latest enthusiast cable can do limited coding, think it's just OBC and cruise. The cable was a real disappointment, my car didn't have any engine, alarm, air bag or air con fault codes in memory. I shouldn't complain!
  9. My specialist coded mine for free when I took it on for a service. I bought a Durametric cable recently so would be able to do it myself if not done already.
  10. Excellent guide, better than any I have seen on other sites.. I added cruise & OBC to mine a couple of years ago, the facelift cars are so much easier, you just have to remove the steering wheel and instrument cluster on those.
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