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  1. I have just got my brother £3k back from Halifax from his mortgage. He had no idea he was entitled and didn't want to cause a fuss so I had a look at it for him. Very easy to do all the forms are usually available from the lenders website. And being an incredibly generous bloke he insisted on giving me a third of his windfall
  2. Fitted an OEM short shifter today and thought as I have taken a few photos I would have a go at doing a How To thread. Job took about an hour and fairly straight forward. Part number for the kit (cost £230) Started by removing the gear lever gaitor/boot, this took a bit of brute force to pull upwards and forwards at front edge to release from the clips and then release from the rear clips by pulling forward Then you need to pull the silver cap off the top of the shifter (the bit with the gear numbers on). This will reveal two ridiculously small T9 torx screws. As the smallest torx I had in
  3. Doh! Forgot Direct Line, just got a quote and initially kicking myself when £167 came up on screen, but once I calmed down and added the protected NCD, hire car, & breakdown cover it was £219 and the excess was higher as they included a voluntary £350 on top. Also I forgot to include last year so I had an additional year of NCD so Churchill's price is now £214 Phew
  4. That's a much better deal than what they offered me, £328 for a basic policy with no breakdown or windscreen cover (£342 with screen). Even taking the MOT offer into account still way out
  5. Just had a great quote from Churchill for my CS - £220 with protected NCD, Breakdown recovery (basic), & courtesy hire car. Renewal from Tesco was £380 - big jump for collecting my SP30 3 points but this did not worry Churchill on their quote. And the wife will be happy with the Meerkat and talking Churchill - win win
  6. Mines due next month, I can't be @rsed having to keep going back & forth either, I don't have the time for playing Dutch auctions, best price first time if you value my business
  7. I'm terrified she may now read this thread......and realise she can now drive it
  8. Just changed the insurance over (which I had just renewed a week ago) from the 986 S Box to my Cayman S and was £74.00 which inc a £20 admin fee. I then asked how much more would it be to add the wife as a named driver and the requote was...............a reduction of £60 than what I was paying on the old 986 policy..........HAPPY DAYS! . Knew she would come in handy one day
  9. Decided to stick with Bridle again, sub £400 (inc legal cover) and with the 6 track days cover too! There were one or two a couple of quid cheaper but either had to have tracker or no legal cover.
  10. Speak to Brindle, great company to deal with, very competative and their policy gives you cover for 5 track days as well.
  11. Fook me I need to give up work! Lol
  12. Mods that would be noticeable from a photo would be an induction kit (as you remove the original air box) and also an IPD Plenum + throttle body upgrade
  13. Yup forgot to say Bridle only use Porsche approved repairers! Tracker subscription not reqd and no need for seperate breakdown cover = real saving of £200 not to mention they were also £100 cheaper than swifts renewal Think they are also one of this sites sponsors
  14. I used to be with Swift but they tried putting the premium up £100 this year. A quick call to bridle and they did £350 with home start breakdown, legal prot, window cover, protected NCB, AND INSURANCE COVER FOR 5 TRACK DAYS all thrown in.
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