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  1. Surprised none of you guys had to have the PDC reset by the dealer. Mercedes is a PITA, as soon as you disconnect the sensors or loom it throws an error and needs a reset. great job though, looks good. S
  2. The appeal of PCP is to get the monthly payments down to as low as possible, personal loans cannot compete. Try one of those broker firms, worst case kick the Porsche dealer with their rates if they are cheaper. S
  3. I love you Jeoff! X

  4. I got a quote from them, over 3x the price of Mercedes insurance which is basically Aviva.
  5. Of course it will make a difference, the fekkers want more money out of you and now they will have a chance to take it. Fekken crazy but true! S
  6. That's not bad, Admiral wanted £1300 extra for the Brabus kit
  7. thought there was something called tempcover.com or similar?
  8. Quality. Surely if the agreement is terminated you will have to return the goods/original cash sum? It is just a way for scallies to get out of finance they can now no longer afford? S
  9. Well yes, it has a very good idea what is going on. Now is a shyate time to be remortgaging and commiting to a new deal for several years. There are no good deals to be had at the moment........
  10. Monthly? they charge something like 20% APR. Of course they will, they are not a charity.
  11. Insurance companies are scum and are out to maximise profit. They do not give a shyatee about you and me and all they care about is minimising there costs. Because insurance is a legal requirement, the general public is pretty much shafted by these large orgs. The real nastiness only shows up when you need to make a claim, but by then it is too late. They will constantly think of new ways to load premiums and increase surcharges once they have you signed up with them. While also fine tuning policy small print in order to escape paying out wherever possible. S
  12. I have had hassles with Bell & Admiral (same outfit) over 18" alloys on a 2.7 Box. They said the same response you got. WTF charge more for them if they are not covering them. Whenever they ask if the vehicle has been modified in any way I now say 'it is exactly as it left the factory'. I had a big argument with a nice woman in Bangalore over the 18" alloys. She asked if the wheels were not standard and replied 'define non-standard' and she couldn't. In the end she asked me to call the OPC and ask them if my 18" carrera's were non-standard. I told her to bog off as I would look like a pr!ck doing that and besides I wasn't going to waste my time. It seems to depend on you speak to. I did declare a different exhaust on my TT though which cost a few £ but I was happy with that - remaps and booyaka wheels and zorsts should declare, not factory fit options. Should you declare your colour wheel centres? WTF? The insurance companies will not want to pay out regardless of any options or mods you make so I don't know why they bother. S
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