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  1. Good ! They look after there family fleet policyholders
  2. Chaucer Thought so ....
  3. Who underwrites the policy ?
  4. Wish

    Help Crash/ Insurance Claim

    Yes from a body shop
  5. Wish

    Help Crash/ Insurance Claim

    Arrange for the garage to give the guy a car ..... £500 repair. Make sure you get acceptance of repair in writing you could find you pay the guy then months later he claims on your polic.
  6. Wish

    Quote from Swift Cover.

    Swift cover are AXA in a skirt and make up ;-)
  7. Wish

    insurance for 18 year old

    Put the £2200 into a new corsa .... It will make sense in the long run. If he got a £1000 banger then had to run it and MOT the thing the corsa will work out a much better deal. As long as he can get the finance and pay it each month. It will be a good lesson in money management as well having a monthly commitment
  8. Agree with Araf, Get it delivered on a trailer, make it part of the deal of buying the car.
  9. Wish

    Liverpool Victoria

    Is this Liverpool Victoria, that told me my Lotus 340R was insured for trackdays, and they turned out it wasnt. Its really all I wanted the policy for .... shower of shytes if you ask me.
  10. Wish

    Anyone had experience of...

    Keep well away from these cowboys. I went with them once on my Lotus 340R - turned out I didnt have track insurance when they said I did. The Customer Service sucked as well .... Best Insurance company I have had, and had a claim was Sainsburys
  11. My trade Insurance was due today, Wish mine went down ....
  12. I have used both Tesco and Sainsbury's as neither wanted a tracker fitted. I actually had a big claim with Sainsbury's within a months of taking out the insurance, They got the claim sorted within 48 hrs If I owned a Ferrari or Bugatti (which I don't) I wouldn't hesitate to insure with either again.
  13. Wish

    Holy mother!

    Is that the pre-pay Dartford crossing thing??? If so, no, I doubt it, he is only 16... Ahh it will be a tag around his ankle