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  1. ....i wouldn't have a porsche without one. I have had value for money out of the 3 extended waranties that i have purchased. I had my RMS done as a goodwill gesture when the waranty didn't cover it as i had purchased the extended waranty from them. You get treated much better at OPC's if they can see that you are a loyal brand customer.
  2. ...try Cheam, nice guys, speak with Justin 02086527733. It won't be the cheapest but you will get excellent cover usually with a company called Chubb, they are performance specialists. You get what you pay for come claim time! These boys will give you a guaranteed no quibble value for your car and allow you to choose which body shop does any repairs. Unlike some budget companies who keep their costs down by making you use their bodyshops which won't be porsche approved and therefore affect the resale value of the car! Beware!
  3. I had 2 policies running on seperate cars, one with 8yrs no claims bonus the other with 4yrs. Since i sold the 996 i have been wondering what to do with the insurance policy. It is due to run out in Dec. It is likely to be into next year before i find a replacement. My question is how long can you have a policy not attached to a specific vehicle for and still retain the no claims bonus? Do you lose some of the entitlement as time goes by or can you just have a "dormant" policy?
  4. ....it's good to have someone who knows what the potential pitfalls are to check it out for the BoXa.net members.
  5. ...they must have heard about your night time donut fest at Beasjour camp site at this years le mans!!! Anyway back on topic....tesco cheapest for me and that is after a 45k payout for my writen off "s"
  6. I wouldn't keep the 340r for track use even if it was insured and is undoubtedly a great track car. After reading the EVO report of Harry Mecalfes 340r when a little ding costing 8k+ due to the singe piece design of the front end hence requiring the whole lot needing replacing! It's a brave man who shlops one of those around a track where a gravel trap is involved!
  7. ....settled my £45k claim when i wrote off my "s" with only the gentlest of nudges needed to keep them honest. Sh1t courtesy car replacement deal. Only one week!
  8. ....£1100 for me (29) on my 996 with Tesco. 5yrs protected no claims, driveway, clean licence one accident claim (45k) in last 3yrs which was when i rolled my "s"
  9. ....AA don't recover from an accident.....RAC do.
  10. ...if you think about it they are boh group 20 insurance. My insurance only went up £100 from my "S" to my 996....i was gob smacked too, thought it would be much more of an increase than that. ...TURBO everytime for me if you have the spare cash!
  11. ....correct. 45K payout Watch for older cars with optional extras. They sometimes only cover the basic spec. I challenged their valuation and got a full pay out. Mind you it ws only 5months old and therefore qualified for the new for old policy. Probably would have got shafted if older than 12 months Think this is the same for most insurers though
  12. ..can't get aquote generated from any of the on line chaps....might be something to do with the car being a 996 and my "little" incident writing off my new "s" earlier this year and the subsequent 46k payout being in my claims history
  13. ...yes but I got a completely different quote when I entered my own details on their on-line site WTF!!!!
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