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  1. A year has past since the date of the posts below.... Another year, another insurance payment.... Strangely the cost of the policy has actually gone up since last year! Still with Norwich Union.... now £731! Apparently, because of all the speed cameras and lots of people getting points it makes little, if not no, difference to the price. In fact some insurances ignored points completely... So the next time you are told it makes a big difference - try another insurer...
  2. I decided to wack up the excess and remove the "no claims" protection. Price came down from £1200 to £700.
  3. I'm 33 have two SP30s, 8yrs NCD, no claims. Mrs 32, clean license, no claims. Everyone was quoting >£1000. In the end I cut out all the "extras" and got a quote for £707 from Norwich Union. I went for a high excess (£1200), and no claims protection. You don't need a tracker. Even though I have a tracker I've decided not to pay the annual tracker fee (£99) as it doesn't reduce the insurance premium by more than a few quid. What a con! Lucky I didnt buy the car new! Having spent several hours on the phone I've learnt a few things: No-claims protection: Did you know that no-claims protection can add 10-20% to your premium? Even with no claims protection, if you make a claim your premium goes up big time? If you don't bother with claims protection and make a claim you only loose 2yrs no claims, which in my case only reduces the discount from 70 to 62% ! What a con! Excess: The excess you put on your policy makes a HUGE difference to the premium! We are talking 30-40%! Lets face it, when are you likely to make a claim? When you are in a smash up - right? That means at least £1000+ in costs. So set the excess at a realistic level. Be warned, putting in a claim for a few hundred quid is going to wreck you policy for years to come.
  4. Need an insurance company that will insure myself (33) 8yr NCD but 2 SP30s, and wife 32 fully comp. I've tried a few they are all over £1000! Anyone have points and get a good deal? Best so far Norwich Union - £1025 !
  5. Im 33, driving since 17, 8 yrs NCB, just bought an "S" and eSure wont insure me because I have two SP30s against me. I was caught doing 36 & 37 in a 30 mph zone (thought it was 40). Any more suggestions?
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