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  1. I've had sensible quotes from the NFU, and they have been very helpful and practical on the car front i did go into our local office in Epworth (got a cuppa too as it was their brew time), quick Google and cannot see one in Donny, but try giving Epworth a bell?
  2. I know this area varies from Insurer to insurer, i always make the point of trying to be clear on every question, and unless they are specific always make the point that the car is not altered, to the best of my knowledge, from how it was originally made/supplied by the dealer. Leaving aside after market alterations, I do wonder how many owners would actually know what was or wasn't an option fitted to their car - whatever the make!
  3. Definitely - we're hopefully going to Classic LeMans next year so was thinking I could just flip the beam as we depart these shores - apparently not!!
  4. Its not clear is it - I always make a appoint of ringing whoever I go with to go through the quote, and on this question I always say the vehicle is as made by the manufacturer. The explanation from the other insurer is much clearer. i always remember insuring my son's car for the first time (he was still on a provisional licence) and when I said he had no access to drive any other vehicles other than the car we were insuring, the representative said that couldn't be correct as he could access the driving instructors vehicle!! Who'd have thought of that one!!
  5. Currently on the annual premium hunt, and this is the definition from one insurer for 'modifications' This is a cosmetic or performance change to the car away from the manufacturer's standard specification (including optional extras) Including optional extras? So on a nicely spec'd Porsche they are going have nearly a page of stuff as virtually everything is an option? Another insurer merely wants information on modifications made since the car was first registered - which to me is the obvious and correct definition.
  6. As regards the garaged/not garaged bit I had also heard that if your car say catches fire and that fire spreads to the garage the car insurance may have to pay for that as well, rather than house insurance, i.e. house insurance will try and claim off the car one that being the cause.
  7. The garage /drive thing is nuts - I'd been led to believe one issue was if say the car spontaneously combusted in the garage then the house insurers would try to shift the garage rebuilding costs to the car insurer. Boxsters do seem to get good premiums, our 986 was with Saga, at about £280 ish pa. It was insured for social domestic etc including driving to work, and in another bizarre insurer act, they said that the commuting to work was to only 1 location and as Mrs RCS and I worked at different locations we'd have to have business use as well. Made no difference to the premium, but as my job entailed a lot of driving I think it potentially increased their risk!!! But when we brought the 997 last summer we were 3 months into current insurance period and they wanted a further £1k to take it on . Expected to pay more but!!!! Its currently with Porsche/Marsh insurance, from memory around £480 for the year, and as said by PowerMalc includes 2 track days and European driving. We'll see who is offering what when it comes up for renewal later this year.
  8. We used them to get our then 19 year olds 2nd year insurance on a Punto. We put the Boxster on as well and insured it in Mrs RCS's name. She'd always driven the family car insured in my name so had no no claims discount, but they gave her full discount with confirmation from my insurors she was main named driver and we'd no claims. When doing the deal over the phone following on line quotes queried why it had risen slightly. The lady (also Canadian!!) said the premium varied almost day by day, but spoke to a supervisor and they did at the lower price. Can't complain at that - full no claims for Mrs RCS and a premium match. At renewal last year lads premium hadn't moved despite another years no claims, and family car had just been changed and seemed a tad expensive, so we actually moved family car and Boxster to Saga (joys of getting old) and surprisingly Aviva did a great quote for the lad on his car, so we saved a bit. Thems our experiences - nothing bad to report really - think the real proof with any insuror will be how well and quickly they handle any claim
  9. Well renew time and as we were on a multicar Admiral policy, 3 vehicles to do. Mainly with Admiral due to 19yr old son (1.2 FIAT Punto) and usual young driver premiums. Any way shopped about and managed get all 3 cheaper by placing son with Aviva (same price as Admiral) and family Merc and Boxster with SAGA, and saved over £200 in total. Merc I insure with Mrs RCS as named, and vice versa with Boxster. Now having done initial quotes on line I usually do the deal by phone to make sure everytihng is answered right. Came to the question what type of cover, and said we wanted social, domestic & pleasure and commute to work. I was then informed that the 'commuting to work' only related to one drivers commute. So if the car might be used by either driver to go to their respective places of work, or even if say Mrs RCS dropped me off at work on the way to her work we had to have the 'Social Domestic & Pleasure including business use....' Fortunately the premiums didn't alter, and we did pick up and extra £20 discount on both policies for transferring 2 vehicles, but.........!! Another insurance oddity
  10. Just watch the hours and restrictions etc if she will be travelling at unsocial or late hours coming on or off shift. We ruled this out for our lad 2 years ago - now doing an Agriculture Degree and working in the summer he could be out at 5 am and back at 11pm . As an aside what was scary was he passes his driving test at 17, next day he's driving a socking great tractor legally on the road hauling a great load of beetroot in a trailer, but heavily restricted on what size of trailer he could pull behind a car as a 17 year old. Fortunately he's sensible and had loads of tractor hours on private farm roads, but shows how silly our licencing laws are.
  11. Yes, and thats before you've got around to maintaining and fueling the thing!!! I'm as p*ssed as you 'cos whilst No1 son is 19 and now has 1.5 years NCD, No2 son is only 15 - so in 2 years time what cost then? I guess it explains rightly or wrongly why there's so many uninsureds out there - or at least some of them. Pity the kids who live in a rural area with naff all public transport and need to get to college or work.
  12. Try ringing Admiral - we got them down on price talking to them - seems they can have flexibility. You say no NCD - have you got any on any other vehicle? They will sometimes take that into account. They did for Mrs RCS who actually insures the Box (long story) but as she's on my insurance for the family car as named main driver, (and i rarely drive it being fortunate to have a Company car) , they gave an allowance for it. We had to send in the last renewal for the family car so they could see, and may well have checked with them, but certainly got the price down. Good luck
  13. Welcome to the 'my children are learning to drive and need a car' club Yes it is scary - we ended up with Admiral for our lad's 2nd insured year. Can't remember his 1st premium (was with LV) exactly but the car (1.2 Punto 53 plate low spec 8 valve version) and the insurance came to around £5k roughly 50/50 split give or take. What I found really p*ss taking was on Compare the cheapest is around whatever horrendous figure but there's some other firms where its 8k or more!!! I can live with an insurer saying we don't cover that segment of the market, but quoting stupid figures......... DVLA's blurb says a learner should have around 40 odd hours of tuition to pass the test, so lessons, test costs, a car and insurance? Depends how expensive a car, but you could be allowing say £5k easily? Worth shopping around etc etc - remember some don't subscribe to Compare etc , thats how I found LV, who at that time were a few bob cheaper and a 'known' name. And to depress you entirely you'll have around 8/9 months to go before you insure - and how fast are premiums rising at present?
  14. I'd say thats good as my son, 19, with 1 year no claims is paying more than that on a bog standard Punto, with Admiral.
  15. Yes push Admiral - when insuring the Box they actually said their prices could vary each day depending on what offers they were doing, as a requote a month on was 30% more - they did beat the orig quote when I pushed. Guess a month end when they are trying to hit targets/quota's might be a good time?
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