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  1. Hi Mark,

    Patt pointed out that you may know which throttle body/plenum would be appropriate to upgrade my 3.4 with. Could you point me in the right direction please?


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    2. Mark Shead

      Mark Shead

      I only did the 3.2. What size is the 3.4 

    3. Joolzb


      I think standard is 74mm and most go to 82mm.
      Was considering having an 82mm plenum fabricated if I cannot find another option.

      The X51 kit, GT3 OE plastic plenum price sky rockets from £55 for a 74mm to nearly £700 for an 82mm which is insane as is the price of the IPD units. Porsche keeping us away from them and putting the 911's to shame, no doubt :-)

    4. Mark Shead

      Mark Shead

      Mine was a 996 throttle body. Do you have a picture of yours. 

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