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  1. That would be excellent if you could and post the eprom contents. I need to review the coding as its a while since did mine, Duffy said that cruise is coded in cluster and dme, but I am sure I just did dme and with the old 986 clocks I had it worked perfectly. David David
  2. Thanks for taking the time Jon to write it up - it will sure make it easier for others to follow. Its also good to see the eprom contents written up rather than sprawled all over the net...which as we know is a bit tiresome! We just need to find out what causes the cruise to stop working for me (and as did for Duffy) when swapping the cluster... and its interesting yours is ok post swap. Just for reference of others reading... cruise is coded (with pst/piwis etc) in the dme not cluster, so thinking is that cluster should not affect cruise, but we know it can. I wonder if there are any tech docs focusing on the real under the cover operation of cruise.... that may show something... David
  3. Without permission? Ha - this is Government "big data" - the idea that every single piece of information ever gathered about you (including your medical history) should be made available for commercial gain. And this is a road of discussion none of us really want to travel down.....
  4. I would question how they obtained the information as to your SAC, as it was obtained, and I guess disclosed by DVLA without your permission.... As you say, its not a conviction.
  5. ..... I found recently, that if I used their insurer, they would offer a cash alternative to a hire car.... How that condition gets wrapped into the choice of repairer i will never understand.... but as said above.."persuasion"...
  6. Hi I guess they will have confirmed the vehicle that hit you is insured, but that does not confirm the driver at the time was insured. You can look up a reg here http://www.askmid.com/ and it will confirm if a vehicle is insured...it is meant to be a service for YOUR own use....but that is up to you. It will also confirm the make/model of the car too. In terms of OPC... I am sure they will insist that their repairer does the work, which, depending on who it is, may not be as bad as it could be. David
  7. Great write up... thanks for taking all the time to compile it. David
  8. Well.. a wee update. I had the car repaired by the other party's insurance, and other than being without it for 20 days, its back - and thankfully its a good repair job. I got my own insurance renewal in - which covers the box, an xc90 and a 5 series 530d...and its about £75 less than last year at £558 for all three vehicles! Now...need to phone them and tell them about this no fault event and see if the increase it.....you just *know* they will. David
  9. I would assume so they know who they need to beat, and the levels of risk/discount they will run with - thus ballpark pricing...
  10. Thats great to hear, I just hope I am in the same boat at renewal time, which is next month! Given the attitude for claims for anything these days, I am so surprised that you cant claim against the causer of the of the incident for the increased policy costs that *most* seem to get after a no fault incident. My existing insurance costs are so low - box, 530d and xc90 all insured for circa £630ish (inc business use on two of them) - cant see that deal staying! David
  11. Hi Steve Many thanks for the advice and view, that is very much appreciated.
  12. Ok, I'm screwed already then, just as I thought... Her insurer have started to call me - not taken a call yet but will tonight. Should I call my insurer and let them deal? Given that its her fault I don't see why my insurer needs to be involved. When I cal her insurer, do I need to give them my insurers details as I am sure they will ask? Given she has twice admitted it was her fault - there will hopefully be no debate.... However I can just see that coming now to...
  13. Thanks for the reply Ian that was my feeling too... just get it sorted. But I guess as she has spoken to her insurer already, I am already "on the system" as having an accident, regardless or who was at fault. At least it was the BM not the Box! David
  14. Hi Guys I would appreciate some advice please! I stopped to drop off my daughter tonight at her Brownies, and woman reversed her people carrier out of a parking space and hit the rear door and wing of my 5 series. She admitted she did not look and that it was her fault. We exchanged details, and I asked if she would do the repair though her insurance or just pay for the repair - as I said that as long as it was done properly, I did not mind. Anyway, I get a call from her insurer tonight when I was out, obviously looking to start the claim rolling. I called the woman and asked her if she did indeed want to do a claim rather than settle on her own, and she was undecided. I tried to explain the consequences for future insurance costs and she said she was happy for me to get a quote and settle. Now - should I just do this through the insurer? My fear is that they will push for 50/50 which is of course cr*p as I was parked and she clearly did not look when reversing and even admitted it. Plus - my own insurance is due for renewal next month, so I guess even for a no fault, the premium will rise significantly. Should I get a quote myself and settle with her or, the fact that she will already have given my car reg and details to an insurer, mean that its now recorded and regardless of settlement, there is now a record against me? - I suspect that is how it will work. Should I just call her insurer or call mine and leave it to them to deal? Any advice most welcome. David
  15. I have been with them for years... since they started multicar. I have been lucky with the xc90, 5 series and the boxster for £630ish all in - covering wifey and self driving...but has been said, never had a claim thankfully. I informed them of different alloys and it was a tenner if they were oem or £20 for aftermarket regardless of wheel/tyre. They also give you discount if you have passed your IAM test. At renewal time, I run through the online quite generator again and they match it if it is lower - if it does not work, use your neighbours address not yours as I think (like others) they stop you using it if you already have cover with them. David
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