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  1. Patt

    Aux Plug for ipod

    seriously it depends what head unit you have. Here is a lead that gives UB and 3.5mm jack for a fiver: eBay item number: 263599070837
  2. Patt

    Aux Plug for ipod

  3. Patt

    First visit to Revolution

    I can vouch for the chippy and the pie shops. I either work upstairs or, if available, I borrow a car and return to girlfriends place and drive back the next day. I think Russ prefers me to borrow a car, as I always hand wash it before returning :-D
  4. so far (without any negotiation) I'm between Aviva and Direct line (Manning not yet quoted) Still miffed that it has doubled from 986 to 981, but looking at just over £500 with courtesy car, 8K miles and no added excess.
  5. I only bought her a couple of months ago - a copy of the OPC advert should suffice. Even it it is now in better condition that that :-D
  6. I'm just about to start the annual repeat question phone calls. Renewal came in from Direct line at just over £530 - not happy about that, especially on a 8K mileage limit and about double the 986 (if I recall) I know the value of the car is more, yet the paperwork just states "market value" As a previous loyal customer of A-plan they have already called me...."over £1100 sir" let the tedious calls begin....
  7. Patt

    981 clear wind deflector MK2

    I'm cheating and picking one up from another member tomorrow.
  8. Some may say that is a blessing in disguise. I know I'm a tad sexist, but at least your refurbished alloys will remain in mint condition :-D
  9. Also depends on black boxes etc these days. I know I'd consider my nephew's insurance high for a 19 yr old. Result Ed, and that she has passed. When will you let her drive your Boxster ?
  10. Patt

    981 clear wind deflector MK2

    Need one of these ! But not sure I even have a jig saw in the shed ! Would beer tokens provide me with a template ? Also anyone had issues with the auto dimming mirrors and a clear deflector ?
  11. Patt

    Carrying a spare wheel - 987 S

    And I can confirm spacer saver fits over front brakes - not even an issue with my big brake conversion.
  12. Patt

    How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    strange - did the drivers side on Molly a few weeks ago. it popped straight on and off without any tools or effort. I've thrown the old part in the bin. I'll check when I get home , but I'm sure there wasn't any locking mechanism
  13. Patt

    Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    Bought my elastic from Tesco's - its on the end isle with the laces and sewing kits etc.
  14. It's never boring to hear the works "thank you" Even if the norm, it's always appreciated.
  15. Patt

    How To: Remove 986 interior carpet

    Hmm I need to either fill some of the hole, or try and relocate then - appreciate the update chap