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  1. Carrying a spare wheel - 987 S

    And I can confirm spacer saver fits over front brakes - not even an issue with my big brake conversion.
  2. How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    strange - did the drivers side on Molly a few weeks ago. it popped straight on and off without any tools or effort. I've thrown the old part in the bin. I'll check when I get home , but I'm sure there wasn't any locking mechanism
  3. Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    Bought my elastic from Tesco's - its on the end isle with the laces and sewing kits etc.
  4. It's never boring to hear the works "thank you" Even if the norm, it's always appreciated.
  5. How To: Remove 986 interior carpet

    Hmm I need to either fill some of the hole, or try and relocate then - appreciate the update chap
  6. I write such a clause into all my supplier agreements. The suppliers that really want to deal and grow with me are happy with it, those that complain, usually don't last too long. I have an ethical responsibility to ensure the supply chain has not been bought, and also ensure the vendor is stable enough to sustain my business.
  7. Ohh and you have to ASK to be removed from automatic renewal too !! For all you readers out there, else they will charge you an admin fee to tell the to fek orvf without THEIR specific notice period.!
  8. How To: Remove 986 interior carpet

    are the carpet grips supposed to screw into anything, or just "self tap" into the carpet ? One of mine keeps coming away from the floor - thought I'd ask before removing the carpet to find out
  9. New Website - Your Thoughts Please

    Can I book my overdue service now...date TBC Seriously, I hope to get Molly up to you either just before or after Chrimbo. this SAP integration is manic
  10. How to Access the footwell comfortably

    Ingenious Matt
  11. Exhaust Mod and MOT

    I'm sure I saw a 987 PSE on ebay this week Haggis. It look like a different back box to incorporate the bypass pipes. Oh and it was £850 !
  12. Revolution to Evolution

    Yep M4 closed for a day and M3 for the night - all surrounding areas were total grid lock, even so at midnight. It took me an 30 mins to do a half mile last night ...utter chaos and it was raining so I couldn't even sit with the roof down.
  13. Simple, effective and cheap - love it.
  14. let me know how you want paying for the smoked corner chap

  15. could be worth trying the co-op. Always means a long telephone call, but worked for me all those years ago with performance cars and lots of points.....