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  1. I bet they give you a discount for SDP, Sort of like a means test. Admiral Call Centre Person: Do you have any interior options? Simon: Yes I have the Sport Design Pack Admiral Call Centre Person: Ah the Bromley chavy pack, burberry colours or just plastic black? Simon: Plastic Black Admiral Call Centre Person: Dear dear, pikey plastic, well the good news is that reduces your premium by the cost of a knock off Hackett top and a meal for you, your mates girlfriend and 3 of her illigitimate kids at a Harvester plus as much WKD's as you can drink. Simon: Wow, fanks wait till I tell my wife Chardonnay-Chelsea, she'll give me a BJ for this!
  2. Thanks Grant, least I kept my good looks tho' Roger
  3. Thanks Mark, my PCGB membership has lapsed so didn't log on there. Think I am going to go with First Alternative, Admiral wanted to load the quotation as I had a non fault accident. Roger
  4. My insurance is due and a mate with a 996 uses Admiral, anyone else use them?? Any good?? Roger
  5. My company (RAC) have started from this year to charge 10 quid to cover courtesy cars. We think OPC' are DRBs! Insurance companies are second to the Christain religion for taking money for nothing! Roger
  6. Declare it, the 400 quid that you save, will pale against them not paying you out if your car was nicked! Roger
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