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  1. I recon around £420. Here is my working £35 x 12=£420!
  2. Saga, £162.74 Comprehensive with a £150 excess. My wife and myself as drivers. Mind you, I'm nearly 70, do a maximum of 2000 miles a year in it, because once I'm in, I find great difficulty in getting out again.
  3. Lets put it down to the late hour and your obvious emotional state at the football result.
  4. I think the reason is age Ken. Apparently when we get past 70, our claims record is approaching that of young inexperienced drivers. A lot of companies are now not quoting for us mature drivers.
  5. The test of insurance is at claim time.
  6. And sorry to say this JonsT, but they will all probably have been withdrawn in a few years time!
  7. Also free prescriptions, eye tests, fuel allowance, Christmas bonus, free bus pass, reduced rail travel with a railcard. However, the disadvantages are many, difficulty in climbing the stairs, failing eyesight, memory etc. etc. Youth is wasted on the young.
  8. You only have to bite the bullet for another year. When you are 50 you can go with Saga as a lot of us 50+'s do.
  9. Fortunately the dilemma has resolved itself in the car being sold!
  10. Confirm Saga insure both my cars, and when I phoned today to get a quote for a banger for fishing, said they could mirror my ncd. On reflection however, I think 3 cars (plus my wife's) is a car too far!
  11. That's exactly what you have to do. Make some phone calls!
  12. Just had my renewal from Saga. £187.49. Mind you, I'm 67 and pointless. (also hairless, toothless and gormless)
  13. Thanks for that, I've pulled at the back, again with 2 people pulling on each side but it still remains in. I recon the previous owner must have glued it in! All I want to do is spray some WD40 on the gear change mechanism.
  14. When you say unclip the gear lever gaiter from the front, is that the front nearest the windscreen? do you need levers? I've been trying to get mine off a 987 for months, asked on forums, but still been unable to do it.
  15. Are you talking about the leather gaiter? I have tried to remove mine from a 987.1 to lubricate the linkage underneath, but the clips retaining it are tight. How exactly do you release the leather gaiter to expose the linkage. Thanks.
  16. Expecting Rev Ken to be contributing to this thread! When I bought a very old cottage a few years ago, I contacted various people in the church (diocese) and was told that it was not applicable in the parish. Where it has been applied, it has always been stated in the deeds that it was a possible charge, so people who have had to pay it would have been aware of the clause when they purchased the house, apparently! I did not pay the insurance.
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