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  1. That may all come home to roost but a regular car insurance policy won't compensate you for a future possible rise in premium.
  2. I posted this before too but I got a fair payout on my old Boxster by printing off the priciest and closest match Autotrader adverts. I also sent a copy of the service history papers and invoices. I also did something similar when I got taken out on my moped and argued my price up twice. There were no similar mopeds within a reasonable distance so I said they should allow me to buy a new one from the same dealer. In the end they confused themselves and sent me 2 additional 'adjustment' cheques but the second cheque also included the amount from the first one. I ended up with almost the new price, it was less than a year old at the time.
  3. Insurance rising!

    My renewal was also up, when is it not, but the now de facto shop around did yield a good result with reduced premium and a decent policy.
  4. Adrian Flux - superb!

    It started off when I got the AMG. My first call was A Plan for a mirrored no claims. They couldn't do it as the car wasn't special enough (ie had 4 doors) even though it was more expensive and faster than my Boxster. So I rang Sky who did mirror the no claims. The business was placed with Markerstudy who were the current underwriter for the Boxster via A Plan!!! Since then Sky have had the business. When I sold the AMG and got a Fiesta none of the aforementioned brokers would insure it as I was told. I also rang Greenlight and I can't remember which one now but one broker said they would only insure people with a full licence for 2+ years. Learner drivers a no go. In the end I got a policy from Diamond
  5. Adrian Flux - superb!

    Best quote from Flux for a new 1.0 Fiesta with learner £1300. Tried a lot of 'selling' on the phone and the 'it's a really good price'. Tried to get me to buy then cancel if I got a cheaper quotation Paid £485 elsewhere for same level of cover ... Must admit A Plan have been good when needing to claim but in recent years their prices just aren't competitive.
  6. How to understand your exhaust

    In this pic of my Carnewal you can see externally what has been cut and it gives and idea as to what is done. The pic Chaz has done has been shown before on some of the U.S. forums. The U.S. exhaust looks pretty identical. I suspect Gert does away with the pipes that loop back trough the chambers so that the gas flows through more freely with less obstruction. The area cut on my exhaust suggests that's a viable option.
  7. Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    It would be useful if the testimonials were date stamped, and perhaps you can put a form box in so users can write what car they had work done on?
  8. Insurance

    I do it via a broker. Currently Sky. Or speak to your current insurer. The mainstream high street names tend not to do it though I think. My main no claims has been on my Boxster but I got a mirror no claims on my C55 and will ask for the same again when my Fiesta comes later this year.
  9. Insurance

    Mirrored no claims is what you need!
  10. Sponsor Sky does mirror too. Got a mirror NCD on my C55 AMG.
  11. I think this is why you have the 'legal costs' cover for UK policies. This should enable to chase and recover costs from the individual if not insured.
  12. You might be covered but will they actually replace like for like. Covering the 'risk' is nkt necessarily the same as replacing for the same part.
  13. Multi Car Insurance

    Can't you get a letter from your company or company insurer if you have some no claims ?!
  14. Seat belt retainers

    These are the black button type things? I bought a 10 pack from ebay for my other car. One side has a point and presses through the belt, you then melt it with a soldering iron into the other retaining side.
  15. Multi Car Insurance

    Are all 3 cars insured under your own name? I had a multicar policy at one point with 2 cars and 2 seperate no claims for 2 different registered keepers/owners. I moved to a mirrored no claims. Both cars are with the same underwriter but ironically the broker who insured the first car could not do the mirrored no claims whereas Sky could with the same original underwriter! Stupid or what.