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  1. edc

    Ac removal

    The condensers weigh next to nothing. You'll save more weight removing the parcel shelf and spare wheel.
  2. If the battery is tested good thing then at idle is should be around 12.4v and when under load running 14.4v https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254197055372
  3. 550 Anniversary, £305, agreed valuation, all mods declared, AXA via Locktons 👍 Could potentially have got it fractionally cheaper with Aviva as have 2 other cars with them but couldn't add all the mods online and couldn't see how to get an agreed valuation and couldn't be bothered to call them. Not as old as some of you lot on here 😂
  4. For a lease check your terms. I returned a lease Fiesta with the wheels damaged. It's often cheaper to pay the menu pricing.
  5. So in 3 years you will spend £633. Will you lose that value over a scuffed wheel or 2? Even if you smart repair them will you even spend that much? What cover is there for irreparable damage? And how often have you buckled a wheel? How much is a second hand wheel on eBay?
  6. I have 2 cars with Aviva. You can benefit from 'multicar' discounts whether you have 1 or 2 policies and also in either scenario of same or different main drivers. I have a single 'multicar' policy but 2 different main drivers but all drivers allowed to drive both cars. Boxster is with a different insurer altogether. If going with Aviva sign up through Quidco. You get £50 cashback as a new customer and doing it online gets you a further saving.
  7. I've done the multicar thing a my various times. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and it also depends on your willingness to make endless calls. In the more recent years I'm sure I could have got cheaper overall but didn't have the willpower to plough through more calls! I now have a 2 car policy with Aviva on one policy but the 2 cars having different main drivers and both accruing NCB and both having different amounts. The Boxster I have an agreed value via Locktons and is only £375. If Aviva will do the same at a near £300 saving I'll go for it!
  8. I used to think this, and this was one of the reasons I got GAP in the first place but I've since read of a couple of people who have written off lease cars mid term and not had to settle any outstanding payments.
  9. I let my ALA policy lapse when I got my current lease a year ago. Generally I only put 3 to 6 months down.
  10. That's not cheap in the context of the cheap recovery which is £50-60 a year.
  11. There are loads. A lot started out as lay and reclaim and many of them were underwritten by something like Equity Redstart. Gem, Autonational, Britannia, Autoaid. I think I've had policies with them all over the years.
  12. You need a valuation. I have agreed value through Locktons.
  13. I’ll have your model please if it’s still for sale. I’m not sure I can make the meet yet so would you be willing to post it? Happy to whatever expenses you incur. Thanks. Stu. 

  14. I'm not as old as some of the Saga folk on here but was pleasantly surprised by my renewal quotation from Locktons. £345 all mods declared and agreed value. Just need to remember to cancel the PCGB membership this year.
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