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  1. I’ll have your model please if it’s still for sale. I’m not sure I can make the meet yet so would you be willing to post it? Happy to whatever expenses you incur. Thanks. Stu. 

  2. I'm not as old as some of the Saga folk on here but was pleasantly surprised by my renewal quotation from Locktons. £345 all mods declared and agreed value. Just need to remember to cancel the PCGB membership this year.
  3. Bid

    Hi edc,

    I like the contrast colour theme on the anniversary model, and have done a couple of mods to my, albeit Arctic not GT Silver, '04 model in related vein. Would a pukka Anniversary have a silver or seal grey hardtop, or were both options?  Do you have any pics of such?  

    The hardtop I have is in Arctic Silver,  but the paint could be improved. Am mulling the opportunity to get it done in seal grey..

  4. Thanks for your help recently

    I need a bank 1 cat & noticed you ad some for sale, is this stil the case ?

  5. I used to use ADAC but stopped some 2+ years ago as it was increasingly less hassle-free. Lots of reports of renewal difficulties and renewal refusals. Back in the day this was the way to get Euro cover with repatriation all included for next to no cost. It used to be about £80 per year. Obviously lots of Let Mans and Ring goes cottoned onto the idea and suddenly they didn't fancy the business any more.
  6. I had this too. I got Dean at Eporsch to reply by email to me that MOT was booked in via them.
  7. It's showing £100 cash back for Aviva if you buy through Quidco by close of play Wednesday.
  8. Buy Aviva through Quidco. I did that for the Fiesta and got £50 cash back.
  9. Out of pure laziness I have renewed this albeit I paid the renewal 2 days late. The PCGB renewal isn't actually due till end of this month so wonderful whether I can get away with not renewing that ... ?
  10. Locktons wrote me a letter detailing my no claims.
  11. At renewal the Locktons premium looks increasingly uncompetitive. First off is the £30 renewal fee, then there is the premium increase itself (mine is about £20), then there is the £60 PCGB renewal fee. So you're at circa £100 more than the previous year which is circa 35% more than prior year.
  12. £30 just to renew seems a bit of a con. It's 10% of the premium in my case. When you renew your other insurances whether with same or different insurer you don't pay a renewal fee do you? I haven't in the past. When you take out a new Lockton policy there is no renewal or admin fee to pay.
  13. Anyone else get hit with a £30 admin renewal charge when renewing your Locktons PCGB insurance policy?
  14. Indeed, the front 2 on the Fiesta are already well kerbed!
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