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  1. I've already started the policy. Having the agreed valuation is only £15 more per year. Strange thing is I sent them photos of the car (not of the engine) and they sent me a letter confirming the agreed valuation. Then the next day I received another letter saying they need a photo of the engine bay to confirm the agreed valuation.
  2. Out of interest what is the actual benefit of me agreeing a value with them on a cherished insurance?
  3. It's on a "Cherished" insurance. I valued it at the price I paid for it 2-3 weeks ago.
  4. I've not modified the engine and I don't think it was modified by previous owners. In what way could it have been modified? When you were with AF did you do an agreed valuation with them for the car or did you just let them use the market value? I have to provide it as part of the agreed valuation process.
  5. I have to provide the photo for them to agree on the value I say the car is worth. I'm not 100% sure but I think if I don't provide the photo of the engine bay then the value of the car will be based "on the current market value" as they put it. I think that's how it works but may be wrong.
  6. Another member has very kindly offered to go through this process with me via a phone call. If anyone knows of a video I could watch online to familiarise myself with the process, before I telephone this wonderful & helpful chap, feel free to post a link.
  7. Thanks Mike, looks like a superb guide but still complicated for my small mind. Don't suppose you know any videos online which go though this process for a 986? I have searched it but had no luck myself. I take it removing the back panel in the read boot as suggested by flux is nonsence then?
  8. To confirm the valuation of the car in the insurance policy. I've already emailed them photos of the exterior front, back and sides, as well as inside both luggage compartments, the seats, dash and milometer. Apparently the engine bay is the last photo they will need.
  9. I received a letter from my insurance company requesting I send them a photo of my engine bay. As a newbie this maybe a stupid question but how do I access my engine bay? I rang them and said to get to the engine bay I have to take out the roof etc as it's a mid engine car. I explained the engine isn't under the bonnet like on 99% of cars. He put me on hold and spoke to a supervisor who said I can access the engine from the rear boot. Apparently I can just pull down the back panel of the boot to see the engine which is news to me? I was hoping they would make an exception because of this but apparently not. I wish they'd explained I'd need to do this before I took out insurance with them. I had only heard good things about Flux but not too impressed at the moment. Any advice on the best way to access and take a photo of my engine bay? Help appreciated.
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