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  1. I get flat spots on my turbo whenever its left for more than 6 weeks or so. Horrible thud thud thud through the steering wheel when you first drive it. Takes about 10 miles to sort itself out.
  2. Hi Ragpicker 

    I've been reading about your airbox, plenum and tb - thanks for the info. 

    I have a 987 airbox which I'm modifying like you have done - although I've made a bit of a bodge of it due to my keenness and multitool. Nothing some plastic filler can't resolve! 

    By chance, I'm come across a 996 tb and plenum that I'm going to install - as you said, looks much simpliar than your Cayman tb and plenum. Just need some extra tubing and not quite the same shape (the 996 plenum is straighter), so the tb probably won't bolt in with the bracket as it does now, but guessing that's not too much of an issue. 

    I wanted to ask, as the airbox install looks quite tricky - you said the other option is a cone filter. Given my situation, would you persevere with the 987 air box or go for cone filter - if cone which one?  

    My other question was about the MAF. Will the old 986 MAF be ok in the 996 tb/ plenum set up? No need for remapping etc? 

    I'd really appreciate any guidance you can offer. Many thanks 


  3. Hi Rag

    Jumped in my car again this morning and the lumpy almost cutting out tick over is back.

    I haven't had chance to have a look yet as I was heading out.

    Do you think I've still got an air leak on the airbox mod? Seems to play up when it's warm, as if there could be heat soak in the silicon elbows causing a bad seal.

    Ive used it all day last Sunday and several times in the week although Thursday night it felt a little unstable.

    I need to get to the bottom of this as I need a car that is useable.

    Any tips or ideas.....

    Thanks in advance 

  4. Has just put a deposit down on a 996 Turbo :)

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    2. edc


      Have you got it yet? I just picked my new chariot up today :)

    3. ragpicker


      Picked it up yesterday! One of the Mezger club at last!! Hows your new ride EDC??

    4. edc


      All good! Back on the mods trail again!

  5. Back from Banus. Sooo glad to get in my car again! ;)

  6. is off to (hopefully) buy a C4S!!

    1. T24RES



    2. ragpicker


      well! Lovely 996 c4s! will post a thread soon :-)

    3. T24RES


      Excellent, look forward to it :)

  7. Brake switch gone. Now brake lights on permanently. New one ordered...

  8. is taking the old girl off to ChipWizards in the morning!!!

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    2. ragpicker


      Yes litto... TB, Intake, exhaust manifold and Map are the absolute musts. Makes a big difference!

    3. edc


      More power, better sounds relatively little money, what's not to like?!

    4. dan12345


      hello the i have been try to get hold of chip wizards for about 2 months never picks up the fone or mails you back

  9. Im with 1st Central..... 34, Drink drive conviction 3 years ago, no points, 6 years no claims, 1 claim in the last 5 years (not related to the booze) - £1250 It could be 3 times that and it wouldn't put me off....
  10. has no skin on his knuckles.... and achieved nothing for it!!!!

  11. Sorry to burst your bubble. The DVLA have a set of guidelines set out which much be adhered to and cover many conditions. The current guideline stated that for percutaneous coronary angioplasty or CABG (your procedure) the driver MUST not drive for 4 weeks. You can then return to driving without informing them. This means that should you have an accident within the 4 week period post procedure, then you will be breaking the law, have void insurance and be subject to potential judicial proceedings. This information is freely available on the internet at http://www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/medical/ataglance.aspx I use this document quite often in my job as a GP. Hope this helps, get well soon!!
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