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  1. Cslwannabe

    July 2014 Service Offer

    Nice! Sounds like you're nice and busy. Not certain what time it will be - either late morning or early afternoon. Is there a time I should try to avoid - just conscious that you have to eat!
  2. Cslwannabe

    July 2014 Service Offer

    See you tomorrow Russ when I drop mine off for a major service. Will you have anything interesting in the workshop tomorrow my car obsessed 6yr old wants to know?!
  3. Cslwannabe

    July 2014 Service Offer

    Thanks Russ! Think I'll be booking in for my major service some time in August.
  4. Cslwannabe

    Another big thumbs up for Revolution

    No the Cobalt Blue car. I arrived a bit after 11 and was glad of some nice weather for the drive home (or at least at lot better than the past 2 weeks since dropping it off).
  5. Collected my Boxster today after leaving it at Revolution for a minor service and detail package plus new brakes all round and I have nothing but praise for the whole outfit. I was first made aware of them via this forum and from the timely and professional reply I received to my initial email I immediately had a good feeling about them and decided it was worth making a 200 mile round trip to 'give them a try' and I am very glad I did! Although I thought the car was in reasonable fettle (apart from heavily corroded inner faces on the brakes) I was still a bit worried about what additional work them may 'find' but I was almost relieved to be told they had found a cracked coil pack as I knew the car is a bit hesitant/ jerky for a minute or so when stone cold so suspected a coil pack or something was amiss, and agree with their only other observation that the gear change is quite stiff, especially when the car is cold, but was given a 'worst case' price for this and out under no pressure whatsoever to have the work done (I decided just to see if it gets any worse for the time being). Even though I don't do many miles I'm still tempted by their recently launched warranty, but I will definitely contact them again the next time my car needs anything else doing to it. Keep up the good work!
  6. Cslwannabe

    Revolution Porsche Warranty/Protection Plan

    I had a pint of Yorkshire Blonde at the Hop Inn, Leeds, after I dropped my car off at Revolution a fortnight ago -they're one of my favourite breweries (quite like Leeds Pale and most of the Roosters stuff also).