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  1. tcornet

    Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Ed, I didn't bother changing mine back. OPC didn't even notice. They only commented on how much of a good idea the Zunsports were, but no comment on the GTS diffuser
  2. tcornet

    Exciting Times Ahead

    Russ congratulations, wishing you and the team all the best in your expanded venture.
  3. tcornet

    Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    Russ, great idea and happy to submit something. You guys have been fantastic on both my Porsche cars and saved me heartache and money. Had it not been for Revolution, I would at least thousands of pounds worse off or given up on my Porsche dream Tony
  4. John, drop me a message with where you will be and I'll do my best to drop by. Im staying near my office on the west side of Houston near the I-10 towards San Antonio. I've never been but I hear it's nice and the river walk is cool. Enjoy the race and Texas. 

  5. Thanks to Clare for making my renewal straight forward.
  6. Hi, I was hoping to join the BoXa.net guys on the stand at Beaulieu stand. is there any spaces left?

    Many thanks, Andy (Rederic)

  7. Hi, I was hoping to join the BoXa.net guys on the stand at Beaulieu stand. is there any spaces left?

    Many thanks, Adam.

  8. tcornet

    Heading North to Revolution..........

    Top guys up there. I shall be travelling up in a couple of weeks
  9. tcornet

    Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Ed Looks great, good to read that you have plenty of experience removing the bumper now . I must confess that this method seems a far better way of changing the diffuser than leaving the bumper in situ as I did and trying to change it whilst underneath the car in very tight space. If I ever decide to put the old ones back, then I shall be following your approach. Cheers & great job Tony
  10. Ed, I'm no expert but I believe it's down to how hard they work with the underwriters. Clearly one branch wanted the business more than they other. We've got household and other car policies with them, but we now double check before accepting any renewals.
  11. Similar this year also Ed. I had my renewal from them it was higher than the previous year despite having more NCB years. They said it was competitive. So I called for a new quote from their Farnborough office. That was at least £100 cheaper. After some arguing Bletchley matched the Farnborough quote with my existing insurance company. I wasn't impressed and only reasons why I stayed is that I ran out of time and couldn't find an online quote much cheaper with the revised premium. I guess lesson here is the usual Buyer Beware to check and check again.
  12. Feliz Navidad. Russ congratulations and wish you all an even better 2015.
  13. tcornet

    Tracker required?

    I have the Porsche one fitted (Cobra if I recall). I have to say it's a PITA and I pay £200 a year for it. Unlike other trackers you have to carry a card with you and I've had a few false alarms with it as I've accidentally covered the card with a phone or keys in my pocket. I shall be looking at renewal for prices without a tracker.
  14. tcornet

    A-Plan Insurance - Take advantage of your sponsors!

    Just renewed my house insurance with these guys too. Pretty competitive too
  15. tcornet

    Save money On Your Insurance! - A-Plan

    Great service, response and price, yet again for another year. Thanks again, Tony