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  1. Hi Ya

    I'll take the grilles off your hands if they're still available please.


  2. Hi Gary

    If you're still thinking about the led rears you could ask Jonathan on  07779622635 just tell him your off BoXa.net.

    I actually got mine from China via eBay but Jonathon does them cheaper now. I did get my front repeaters off him.

    The exhaust was from Carneal in Belgium.

    Good to see you the other day!



  3. Corkscrew

    How to Access the footwell comfortably

    Good work there Matt, it's also quite easy to remove the seat if theres much work to be done under there. I didn't mend like I used to
  4. Corkscrew

    Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Nice job there fella and wonderful curtains too