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  1. Someone reversed in to mine and it cost the thick end of £5k to repair
  2. I don't know if all insurers are the same, but when I had an "incident" the car was in to the local Porsche approved bodyshop quickly (without me specifying it) and being repaired by Porsche trained staff, using genuine Porsche body parts and paint. There were no pattern parts, no "matched" paint, it was all OEM.
  3. Gutted. I know exactly how you feel.
  4. One of your team sorted me out this week Steve - thanks again.
  5. Steve - Mrs H's car renewal is due soon, does she qualify for some BoXa.net discount too?
  6. I found the personal service worthwhile from Steve. Better than a call centre.
  7. chant it with me people. Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun

    1. sam@btm


      Had the roof down this morning and at 9PM this evening!

  8. Steve has been really helpful to me. Quick, friendly and a good price too. Just give him a call or email. He'll call you back too if that's easier.
  9. They've just done my car. Much better price than my prior provider and much friendlier too.
  10. Just been quoted happy by Steve at A Plan, very happy. Much cheaper than my current provider, with a lower excess to boot. Signed up earlier today.
  11. I can't remember the name of the company (helpful, isn't it!) but the only place I found wanted £120 to cover me on my mates Boxster for just under a week. Needless to say, I passed. I couldn't be added to his as he was going to be out of the country.
  12. Just exchanged a few emails with Steve - really helpful.
  13. Hi all, in your experience, do you save any money getting insurance from a specialist broker over using the more "normal" channels? I've done a quick confused.com check to see what I'll be paying (current car, 986, 986s) and it doesn't seem too bad to me. £430 for the S and £372 for the 2.7.
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