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  1. I would avoid Markerstudy like the plague... I experienced a catalogue of issues when my previous Boxster was written off in a non fault accident, some tactics employed by their ‘non fault department’ also known as a claims management company were borderline criminal. I wish I had escalated it to the appropriate body at the time but with everything going on I just wanted it sorted. Couldn’t wait to leave them to be honest & a company I hope to never have to deal with again. Up until the claim they were ok, but then I did buy on price. You get what you pay for.
  2. Yep, this is what I use. Got a Chipex kit for the Boxster, don’t get on with it at all. However, I do find that the paint is much easier to use with a cocktail stick. For my daily, the Halfords 3 pen paint chip repair kit is actually very good. Not only is there a brush, there is also a ‘pen’ type applicator - similar to a tipex type pen with a fine nib, it’s excellent at stone chip repairs.
  3. Lockton's policies do not accrue ncb, this is the reason I moved my policy to Manning.
  4. Try Manning or Locktons, both offer specialist Porsche cover, might not be hugely cheaper but better cover than the regular insurers so you'll get things like choice or repairer etc.
  5. I've moved from Lockton to Manning this year following Lockton's insistence that they were doing away with no claims bonus at my renewal last year. After building up 8+ years no claims on a second car it was too much of a risk to take. Locktons were good, although thankfully didn't have to claim, however I didn't think that it was fair that they would pay your PCGB membership for a year if you were not a member & if you already were then tough shyate. Another example of introductory offers where the loyal customer gets shafted.
  6. Probably the wrap that pushed the premium up... ?
  7. Locktons are great BUT they won't consider any ncb that you may have built up & you won't be able to add to it. Their risk is based on driving experience when they rate premiums. I was with Locktons & moved to Mannings this year as it meant that in the event of a fault claim I stood to lose the 9 years ncb that I had built up on a second car (Boxster). Reinsuring then would have increased my premium by over £2k. Mannings provided very similar cover but I retain my 9 years protected ncb.
  8. Good points raised Gorsh & thanks for your input ?. I've been driving those nearest & dearest to me mad due to my mutterings about 'what happens if....' scenarios. I'm a natural born worrier & over analyse things & to be honest I'm driving myself mad considering it! I did complete a ficticious online quote with LV & with no ncb & a claim within last 12 months the annual premium roseto over£1600 - there is no way I would pay that for a second car doing circa 6/7k miles pa. Mannings offered an ok quote with agreed value, choice of repairer & keeping my ncb intact for only £50 pa more than my renewal, but car would be limited to 5k pa which is a bit lower than I want to be honest. Choices choices....
  9. Think they also cover the hairdryer in the boot too...
  10. Just renewed with Locktons under the PCGB scheme, but stressing about whether I've done the right thing.... Detaied on another thread below - happy with the policy benefits / premium (agreed value / choice of repairer / EU cover with breakdown cover / trackday cover etc) but due to the 'Competition & Markets Authority Investigation' which the output came into force last year - Locktons now do not use no claims to rate premiums or recognise ncb protection. End result is that if I were to have a fault claim I lose the 9 years ncb I've built up on a second car. Locktons suggest that with one claim it wouldn't make a huge difference to renewal premium next year but obviously things coukd change with ratings in that time. If i were unfortunate enough to have to claim then potentially I'm faced with having to stay with Lockton's (where they are free to abuse via the renewal premium) or faced with the prospect of taking the insurance elsewhere with no ncb & a claim registered within the previous 12 months.... Not an attractive thought either way! Although I've just renewed I'm thinking of cancelling & going elsewhere where I can protect my ncb...
  11. Bit of a thread ressurection.... Been happy with the cover / service / price of the Lockton policy over the last couple of years, however there seems to be a fundamental change to the policy this year. Apparently Chubb have moved away from recognising NCB & NCB protection & base the rating purely on driver history. Basically, it looks like their Porsche insurance is now more aligned to a 'classic car' type policy. I've built up 9 years NCB on this car (with over 15 on my daily driver), now I'm faced with the prospect of this being lost.... Locktons state that they will 'hold' my NCB for me (but I won't acrue any more) which is fine as they will give me a letter to advise that I have 9 years claim free if I decide to move from them in the future. However, if I were to make a claim (fault claim) under the policy then I would lose everything! Don't quite know which way to go now, options I've got are: - renew with Locktons, benefits being choice of repairer / agreed value / trackday cover / European cover with breakdown, but potentially lose my 9 years NCB if an at fault claim made or - go with an ordinary insurance company with market value cover, no choice of repairer but keep my NCB protected. Anyone else had any experience? Cheers.
  12. Sorry to hear this & hope it gets sorted appropriately. If its any consolation, I had my 986 written off in a non fault accident a few years ago & ended up in my 987 which was a blessing in disguise. However, yet another example of where drivers of a certain age should be made to take a test to confirm they are still capable of driving to a certain standard. Boils my p*ss that some old people are still on the road when it is quite clear they are incapable of driving.
  13. Will the space saver fit over the brakes on the front?
  14. Looks a good job, well done. Its one of those things on the 987 which really detracts from the interior on an otherwise tidy car.
  15. Other thing to consider is that if you call them now & advise, they may consider it an upgrade & then take the opportunity to try & charge an additional premium. Some insurance companies have very dubious 'ethics'. I had all sorts of issues when my 986 got written off... I've now insured with the PCGB preferred company, Lockton, who deal in top end cars. It seems a good policy & I like the fact that you have an account manager do you can talk to someone specifically about your policy who knows the marque. No issues so far & not a massive amount more than my renewal. My experience with how I was dealt with when my 986 got written off resulted in me searching out another company at renewal time, with good customer feedback a priority with my decision making. Didn't want to re-insure with a company that utilised underhand tactics to line their own pockets at my misfortune.
  16. That's cheap, are you a 65 year old vicar with a £5k excess on the policy?
  17. Hi, I use Locktons on another car we have and the service and contact from them is excellent, no call centre as such, I would recommend them, Cheers Paul Thanks for the feedback Paul, good to hear. Think my mind is made up now as I've yet to hear any bad feedback.
  18. Thanks Chaps. I think the general 'quality' of the proposition is a bit better with Lockton & it appears they tend to look after the premium market - apparently have tie ups with the Ferrari & Aston owners clubs. Think I'll give them a try. I've been thinking of changing companies for over a year, well since my 986 got written off as my existing insurers weren't the best to deal with at the time. I guess you only find out how good the company is in these circumstances.
  19. Insurance due for review end of the month & after phoning current insurers was a bit miffed that premium hadn't gone down a penny even though an extra years ncb etc etc... So this prompted my to phone around & I gave Lockton a call, mainly because they advertise good rates for PCGB members. Interestingly enough, they beat my renewal & the policy includes agreed valuation, choice of garage for repair, UK / European break down cover & also track day use. The policy looks good value & also nice to have a direct contact instead of call centre etc. Anyone have any experiences, good or bad, with Lockton? I've done a quick google search but not a lot of info out there. Cheers.
  20. I find it amazing that nowadays you have to play one insurance company off against another to get a half decent price. Why they can't give you a competitive quite to start with I don't know - it hardly inspires customer loyalty if they manage to reduce their price substantially upon production of a competitors quote. Makes me feel like if I hadn't challenged then I would have been ripped off!
  21. My OPC warranty expired this month & I took out a WMS warranty from a well respected Indy. It's hit a £5k claim limit which hopefully will make a dent into a repair fist should the worst happen. When I conducted my research into extended warranties there was a lot of opinion on the value of them with a lot of people across various forums criticising them. I guess ultimately they are like car insurance, you really don't want to be claiming on them if at all possible but if you have to make a claim then in theory they should make it a little less painful (obviously dependent on whether any claim is covered...).
  22. Had mine replaced under warranty by an OPC when the car was under previous ownership, details of the work included seat removal to carry out the replacement!
  23. Agree with this. I had a renewal come through for my remapped Mk4 Golf GTI Turbo at the beginning of November. I've always felt that if I can get the policy for around £400 I'd be happy. Never really shopped around too much as I found out after I had the car mapped that most insurers weren't interested in covering it & quoted ridiculously high premiums. Renewal came through at £438. Before ringing them to aim to get the price down I contacted the insurance co that cover my Boxster - even though now technically a higher risk due to non fault accident plus having car on driveway (previously garaged) the quote I got was £275. Rang back my insurer on the Golf who immediately dropped it to £238. Don't know whether to feel happy that I almost managed to half the premium or feel like I've been ripped off for the last few years due it being a loyal customer... Suffice to say when the Boxster insurance comes around next year I will be shopping for quotes!
  24. This is exactly what I would do. Don't give them an excuse not to stand by it or pay out.
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