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  1. I'm just about to renew with rescuemycar.com https://www.rescuemycar.com £28.49 for UK recovery with home with a £40 excess. I'm quite happy to have the excess rather than pay more for the recovery when I might not need it. I had to call them last year when I had some weird electrical gremlins - they arrived within 35 mins, and flatbed'd the car to local indy. Can't beat that for value I think
  2. Careful there before you start. Check about the key and the battery. Not wishing to be teaching you to suck eggs but I recall you need to leave the key in the ignition and disconnect correctly. Check befor you do. Enjoy. 

  3. Admiral were pretty good for me.. £20 up from my M135i when I got the Boxster S, so a grand total of £230 a year. Annoyingly they wanted £20 for an admin fee when I changed my plate tho
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