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  1. Thanks TrevTee! I'll let Chris Sheen know about your comments Carlie
  2. We can't win them all 😉 but definitely try us next year! Carlie
  3. Thanks! Hopefully we do well on the 2nd vehicle too as we do multi discounts 😁 We can quote up to 30 days before it's due 👍 Carlie
  4. Thank you!!! I'll pass on to Chris Sheen who you dealt with.
  5. Thanks Rog, I'm glad we got it sorted! P.s. I have a mini... love it
  6. We should have a quote for you this afternoon 😎 Carlie
  7. It's generic across car insurance policies - the rule is to be properly covered for driving your spouse's vehicle, you should be added to his/her car insurance policy as a named driver. Most/all car insurance companies require/recommend that licensed spouses be listed on the policy as drivers as it's not covered under the driving over cars extention. I just had a quick google and can see it's listed in the Ts & Cs on comparison sites etc as well. Unfortunately I don't have any other answer apart from that's just the rules of driving other cars I'm afraid. This is the search I did if you want to have a look too: https://www.google.com/search?q=drive+other+car+coverage+for+spouse&oq=driving+other+cars+spous&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0.7429j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Carlie
  8. Hi Rog, I think there may have been a misunderstanding our end over residency and citizenship - I've looked into it and Chris will be calling you shortly. As as long as she has proof of residency here it shouldn't put up much of a barrier Carlie
  9. Thanks for trying us anyway Rog! And yes that's correct - Driving other cars is not valid for a spouses vehicle because "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine" and they become joint assets, therefore you have a financial interest in the vehicle. Carlie
  10. Fab make sure you call us at A-Plan Specialist in Thatcham on the number above and not your standard local Aplan branch. Carlie
  11. Hi Freeman I see you chose your local office, the BoXa forum is looked after with club discount by the Thatcham Branch only as we have the facilities for low mileage/leisure vehicles, classic policies, modification cover, track insurance etc. Can you pm me your name, post code and contact number so I can see which branch you dealt with and see if there's anything we can do here? Thanks Carlie
  12. That comes directly to me but nothing has come through... I'll check with IT whats happening with yours then as I have been receiving emails
  13. Yes we do, but as a broker we also look at if it would be beneficial for you to quote them separately too as sometimes multi policies aren't always the lower cost option. Give us a call when you're within 30 days and we can have a look for you 01635 874646 Carlie
  14. Very Odd! I haven't seen any emails come through from you... and I've emailed you a few times too. Our email is specialist@aplan.co.uk
  15. Dean did you get it sorted? Can we help?
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