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  1. If you haven't tried us yet give us a call 0333 207 6597 We are MOD friendly - modifications are covered under our policies unlike some other standard insurers who will cover a modified vehicle but exclude the mods in a claim (meaning you get the market value for the standard vehicle in the instance). Have a great day and good luck Carlie
  2. If you have insurance with us we offer EU breakdown that covers home start, roadside assistance, recovery and onward journey from £44.95. we have options for classics so 15 years will be fine on our policies. Carlie
  3. Hi Hario! As CMA replied, yes we do! We also do Van and Bike as well as Home and Landlords
  4. Hario... have you tried us? If you give us a call we can take a look at the details and see if we can help open 8.30am to 5pm Mon-Fri and 8.30am to 12noon on Saturdays - 0333 207 6597 Thanks Carlie
  5. Good to hear! Can you pm me your name and postcode so I can see who you spoke to? Thanks Carlie
  6. Good morning, Just seen this post, have you given us a try? We are open today if you'd like a quotation from 8.30am to 5pm, closed tomorrow due to bank holiday but open again on Saturday morning 8.30am - 12noon. 01635 874646 Also, just to note, we would never auto-renew if you pay in full as we won't take a card payment without authorisation from the customer, auto renewals are only if you are on direct debit so there's already an agreement with the bank set-up. Have a great day! Carlie
  7. Thanks for giving us a call for the quotes glad we could help And... if you are still looking about for insurance, we are happy to quote you if you want to try us this year Thanks, Carlie
  8. Hi Moneypit, You're welcome to give us a call and we can take a look at all the vehicles, as a broker we have the facilities to look at a multi-policy similar to the one you have or look at separating the vehicles as sometimes it can work out lower cost to have for example 3 with one insurer and 2 with another etc. But we'd look into what would be most financially beneficial for yourself. The number to call is 0333 207 6597 or if you PM me your name and contact number we can call you if you'd prefer. Mention the forum to get a discount as we are your forum sponsor! ...& all quotes for March get an entry into our prize draw for a £100 Restaurant Choice Giftcard. Thanks Carlie
  9. We are happy to take a look at your cars for you, we do classic and leisure policies and are a forum sponsor so members get club discounts through us as well. If you'd like to give us a call for a quotation its - 0333 207 6597 Carlie
  10. Hi @Gorsh We may be able to help ... we have some fantastic schemes ... feel free to PM me you details or click the link on my signature, either way we will call you back Clare
  11. Can you give me a call re Insuring my Porsche Boxter S 2002?  01482 329224

    Regards Steve

  12. This is an interesting thread, with many opinions and ideas. I would like to answer the questions asked, I will say however my answers only apply to the Insurers we deal with here at A-Plan. I cannot comment on aggregator websites terms, conditions or requirements. Most of our Insurers will cover a Cat D or a Cat C write off. When a vehicle is written off the insurer at the time of total loss would have destroyed the log book. The owner of the vehicle that retained the salvage would have had to request a new log book from DVLA, to re-register the vehicle with DVLA as a Cat C or D. (https://www.gov.uk/scrapped-and-written-off-vehicles/insurance-writeoffs) They aren’t necessarily a higher risk, they are a lower value compared to the normal market value of a vehicle that hasn’t been in an accident. For instance body work doesn’t need to be repaired if it doesn’t affect the driving/ safety of the vehicle, but the dents would de value the car. ‘Insurance is set up on a basis of utmost good faith, which is a duty to voluntarily disclose, accurately and fully, all facts material to the risk being proposed, whether requested or not.’ (2016-2017 CII Insurance Legal and Regulatory) Legally if the insured is in breach of the above statement, the insurer may void the policy from the start, so no Insurance would be in force and therefore no claim would be paid. Misrepresentation is taken very seriously, if the insurer finds the non-disclosure is fraudulent they can void the policy from inception. If the misrepresentation is deemed a reasonable mistake then the Insurers will pay a claim, either way it would be investigated. The moral of the story is if you know it’s a Cat C or D, or anything else that might effect the policy, just tell your insurance company. If you have a policy voided its much harder to get insurance than it is to insure a Cat C or D. Thanks Clare
  13. Sometimes we ca't help everyone We are in constant negotiations with Insurers, not just for better rates but better products for our specialist schemes. Thanks for trying us!
  14. Good Morning, Just to let you all know you need to speak to us here at the Thatcham office. We are the high performance specialists for the A-Plan group. We have policies that cover Track days, agreed value, modifications and much more. Give us a call on 01635 874646 or click the link in my signature and we will call you back. Thanks Clare
  15. hi, looking to insure my 2 cars, Boxster 987 RS60 Spyder and also my Cayenne. I'm with Aviva, have 10 year NCD which they mirror on both. Cay does < 15k pa, Box does < 5k.

    Box is garaged, Cay on drive in private road.

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