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  1. Hi Mark,

    Patt pointed out that you may know which throttle body/plenum would be appropriate to upgrade my 3.4 with. Could you point me in the right direction please?


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    2. Mark Shead

      Mark Shead

      I only did the 3.2. What size is the 3.4 

    3. Joolzb


      I think standard is 74mm and most go to 82mm.
      Was considering having an 82mm plenum fabricated if I cannot find another option.

      The X51 kit, GT3 OE plastic plenum price sky rockets from £55 for a 74mm to nearly £700 for an 82mm which is insane as is the price of the IPD units. Porsche keeping us away from them and putting the 911's to shame, no doubt :-)

    4. Mark Shead

      Mark Shead

      Mine was a 996 throttle body. Do you have a picture of yours. 

  2. Hi Elliot

    I'd make an offer of £60 for the red trim - its not really worth any more to me as I just dont know if it will clean up properly.

    Please let me know.


  3. Hi Lordlee...

    If you still want the Osram Bulbs heres my paypal account...



  4. How to understand your exhaust

    Not sure what Gert does but this is what I have planned for the 987 exhaust Open up the original exhaust, remove cats and make it louder by enlarging the pipe and putting the exit closer to the flared tube. (pinched wholesale as an idea from Chris @ Fabspeed)
  5. How to: fit 987 interior (and number plate) LEDs

    I've run some cree and COB LED's throughout the car - havent done the visors, footwells or glovebox yet but all the bulbs are great so far with no issues. The number plate light bulbs are error free but the rest arent. Its a nice upgrade and one I'm sure I'll appreciate more come winter when the nights draw in.
  6. Would an offer of £100 + postage be anywhere near enough to part with your rear lights please? Dont ask and all that....

  7. Save money On Your Insurance! - A-Plan

    I called your Basingstoke office the Friday before last ahead of my renewal and the chap didn't have the courtesy to come back to me with a quote I am afraid to report. Happy to give you any details off line and I'm sure I would have been better off speaking to you instead Renewed last week with Adrian Flux. Good new that insurance is coming down though. What do you think the drivers are behind that. Is it less personal injury claims? Accident management companies charging less for their hire cars?
  8. Cant seem to PM you for some reason? Are you about at around 12.30 tomorrow as myself and Mark (with his 981) were thinking of poping down around then. Let us know if its convenient - if not its no worries.
  9. Multi-car

    Thanks for the heads up!! Didnt expect that reply...
  10. Multi-car

    Do you guys do a multi-car type policy as we are thinking of adding a 3rd vehicle to our household.
  11. Porsche Boxster (986) Workshop Manuals

    Doesnt work for me
  12. Porsche Boxster (986) Workshop Manuals

    Does anyone have a copy of the S manual please?