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  1. 981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    The stock 981 patterned deflector is something I've hated when landing one as a courtesy car.... Well done :-)
  2. Prizes for Policies this Christmas!!

    Renewal £724 with Direct Line, £511 via A-Plan Thatcham. Guess where I might go for the other car when it comes up? And daughters car.... I mean I'll be paying for it!
  3. Multi-car

    First time around am with direct line for 987 and 730d, lots of fuss before pick up boxster as would only allow NCD on that, said to start again with 730d, but on the actual day allowed NCD on both, or a mangle of introductory discounts and second car discount (one driver too), worked out well first time around but will shop around in a year or so.