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  1. "Read the small print ...... em hold on read between the lines of the small print..... em hold on read between the lines of the small print that actually isn't in the policy booklet that is sent to you but that they know what they meant to write in the policy booklet but didn't..... " confused? Esure? What a carry-on... Just had a letter in from halifax regarding the cancellation of my policy, basically i got 10months interest free as part of my insurance and thought "yeah why not... money is better in my pocket and all that" WRONG!!! Because I had a fault claim they want me to pay the policy up to february next year so they "can reclaim their losses from my claim" so what is my excess for then?? They directed my attention to THE POLICY BOOKLET aka bible and guess what... it says nothing about this.. So i read out word for word what i had in front of me .... their response .... "well em thats because you have teh old policy booklet and you woudl have received the NEW updated policy with the NEW clause clearly written at your renewell" ... Well i'm sorry but the policy booklet I have is what I accpeted as part of my overall motor insurance with HALIFAX at the time of confirmation, at no point was I aware or made aware of any changes. So we now have stalemate situation..... I'm no paying and there no playing... So a nice letter accompanied by several scanned pics of the booklet highliting the exclusions is in order.. Moral of the story.......... Do not believe all that you read in the Policy Booklet. Be very aware of the small-print and more importantly the white space between the lines that hold the subliminal policy details that only Halifax know of... These guys did not have a clue and even the customer services manager had to accept that he didnt fully understand what the statements meant.. Even funnier when I replayed back to him the exact words he said to me....
  2. A&A Group IMPORTANT NOTICE MOTOR INSURANCE FRAUD You may recently have been contacted within the last 8 months for a quotation or to purchase motor insurance from a company calling themselves "Chipped Insurance Brokers". This company is not selling valid motor insurance but is in fact perpetrating credit card fraud. Chipped Insurance Brokers is not a registered company and is neither authorised to quote for, nor sell motor insurance. If you have been contacted for a quotation or have bought motor insurance from "Chipped Insurance Brokers", please contact us on 0800 091 0601. Alternatively, please reply to this e-mail detailing what dealings you have had with Chipped Insurance Brokers. The Police have been informed of this fraud and are investigating the matter. If you have not had any dealings with this company, please disregard this e-mail and accept our apologies for contacting you. Thank you for your co-operation.
  3. ah the fun of insurance purchases wonderful just wonderful... i feel for ya mate...
  4. ah ha they dont like c4's why? explain if possible as I'm in negotiations just now ...
  5. Joe I'm with the Tesco for the SAAB turbo only at the minute... I did have both cars with them and they were fine, however, I decided to shop ariund and now have the S thru the Halifax... don't think this hleps much but there you are anyway...
  6. Alan, if you suggest they change the batteries on their calculators, ensure you check your bill as they have probably off-set the cost of the replacement batteries and you will be charged for them.... I'm sure all this FREE coffee is charged somewhere... perhaps thats where they work out their bills... parts, labour, coffee, toilet cleaner, toilet roll, power, light, heating, carpet wear and tear, cleaner's wages, etc. etc..
  7. theres more to that statement than meets the eye...
  8. Direct line paid up many years ago when I was hit head on and the driver f*cked off .... they did try and knock me down several times on my settlement figure.... the first amount was 1200 quid I put the phone down laughing!!, the second was 1500 quid... I told him to replace the batteries on his calculator whilst I called my solicitor... three calls later i got £3700 .... i bought the car 4 years earlier for £5200 with 47,000 on the clock and it had 184,000 whe it was written off... BUT i was well polisehed and looked as if it was well looked after......
  9. me neither ya bloody sweaty sock.... oh hold on I'm a geordie !!! neither english or scottish (after all no country wants to admit to having us as one of them)
  10. Greig give Jim Dicksons in Cumbernauld Village a call great prices of Pirrellis and Michellins..
  11. well he can co-pilot with one of us.... I would suggest greig as we have had our share of "exciting" moments haven't we grant Your car will be fine mate... just be yourself and chill... what time on wednesday you picking it up? Is it from Glenvarigill in Glasgow?
  12. Dont worry too much about a hard top. mine doesnt have one on and its kept on the drive .. never any probs.. in fact i think all of us up here have soft tops only.. mine is an 02 and i "proofed" it with ScotchGuard and it is spot on.. also the 03 onwards have even thicker roofs so I don't know why you would want one.. also you have to store it, take it off ife we get a rare sunny day.. just lately its' been a case of whenever it's sunny the roof is down... i would have to consider storing my roof if I was at work and fancied a top down blast home one night..
  13. so whe you picking your car up? I feel a wee mini meet coming off soon... my car is getting its NEW bumper and respray this week so will be SAAB bound for the next 5 days... but after that... ye ha
  14. try Halifax they quoted and I accepted 700 quid (ish) was with Tesco before that ...
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