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  1. maybe

    Carrying a spare wheel - 987 S

    I thought spacesaver wheels had to be fiitted on the front axle? So if you had a rear puncture, the front had to go on the back, and the spacesaver on the front. May be imagining this?
  2. maybe

    Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    This is only a temporary fix, and won't last. It worked on mine for a couple of weeks, and then it happened again. Get yourself some new elastic on ebay so you will be ready.
  3. maybe

    Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    I wonder if your elastic is the wrong length? Mine was doing exactly the same so I followed the instructions in this vid and it worked perfectly. Personally I cut the old elastic out and tempoarily stapled the new one in to check that I had the right length. Then when I was confident the length was right, I sewed it in. Looks a bugger, but you never see it and it works perfectly.