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  1. Good idea in principle, BUT you have to have 6 point or less, so to get banned you would need two more flashes - which IMO makes you a bit dimm, if I had 6 i'd be damm careful. And to get 6 in one go chances are you might have been convicted for careless or dangerous and it looks as if this they will not cover - so would it be a real benefit to you?
  2. They were not so much slow with me, dealer took longer to deal with it than tesco did. I would actually recommend Tesco so far - they were cr@p at getting accurate policy docs out but the claim was quite painless. I was crossing a roundabout in Milton Keynes, and as people do the in MK, the road narrows from 3 lane piece of road to 1 lane on the roundabout and a vectra swerved across the front of me, realised what he had done and stopped!!! I drove straight into the back of him. Tesco are actually fighting the claim on the basis that he showed poor lane disapline (ie not driving in accordance with the highway code) and also he cut the braking distance by swerving like he did, so he was in fact responsible for me hitting him as I no longer had room to stop. Now I like that kind of attitude, all to often in the past I have seen insurers only to willing to accept a knock for knock, when in this instance it was nobby vectra owner not having a clue. All I can say with tesco is - was the dust on the road dropped by the tractor you were catching up? Was their other substances on the road - give them a reason and they seem to want to fight on your side.
  3. It is likely to affect premium, dunno by how much though, my £3500 claim with Tesco affected my premium by about a few pounds nothing notable. Protected NCB is ok, but will not protect you from a hike in price, what should help though is the claim free history.
  4. Funny thing is you know that you have options of Prison, Comunity Service, HUGE fine, Probation with the criminal charge BUT if you are suffering from depression they will not send you down or give you CS as you may be a threat to yourself or others in that situation (I had been signed off with depression by my doctor ages before it went to court) and they cant really give a huge fien to someone who isnt working (I had quit work prior to court and was studying for MSc so as a student I had no income) so that only left probation. NOw I am not saying I was aware of any of this, it was just kind of luck at the time - if you can call it that.
  5. well it was the wrong side of 150 - I still swear the speedo was supposed to haev been in KPH......
  6. Oh no nothing like that , I had a minor 12 month ban and 12 months probabtion for a slight speeding offence, nothing serious, except the having to retake my driving test.
  7. I think ours is with Esure as well (not suer the Mrs dealt with it), but ours was £800 which I thought was good considering I am a bit of a risk. Ours has security as I previously described.
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