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  1. People pay £260 for AA? That's absolutely outrageous. I think £130 is already on the steep side. I have 'free' AA cover through Halifax as part of my normal bank account that also includes travel insurance, mobile phone insurance etc. and that's only £204 per year (I think).
  2. Is it wrong that the one I like most on that page is the cheapest one right at the bottom? Still 987S money though and I know which I prefer 👍🏻
  3. You're probably right but I'm sure a Renault is not the answer 😂
  4. Nock

    AIB Insurance

    I insured with them this year, all good
  5. Thats in line with what I've paid before. Gives a bit of comfort compared to no cover at all. At next renewal, if you're planning on doing a trackday a year (or more) would be worth getting a quote from Competition car insurance. I have mine with them & it covers something like 5 UK trackdays (yeah I wish I was doing that many!) - but with the £1k excess for the date of trackday. I think this is what I'm going to do; it seems the only realistic way of doing it. I'm going to give Brands Hatch a miss on the 6th I think. Annoyingly, my insurance isn't due for renewal until February so it looks like no track days until then. Never-mind.
  6. Hi guys, I was just wondering who best to take track day insurance with? I'm hoping to have a little drive around Brands Hatch on the 6th May and quotes so far are weighing in between £85 and £100 with about £1000 excess. Are these quotes 'about right'? I have no points or convictions, have owned the 987S for 2 years and am 26. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Piazza Italia in Horsham was awesome yesterday. I need a Capristo exhaust until I can afford a Lamborghini now though! That noise!

  8. I installed my GPS receiver in the same location today. There was no X cut in my grommet though, so I took the grommet out, fed the wire through and then put the grommet back. I was 50:50 on whether to do this or cut a hole in it but decided on this method in the end. Hopefully, my sat nav will be a lot more reliable now, as installing the receiver in the passenger footwell proved a little ropey sometimes (presumably because of all the metal between the footwell and the sky).
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