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  1. Southy

    986 S Zunsport grilles

    Unfortunately it's a bumper off job with mesh behind for you sw*nky facelift guys/girls
  2. Southy

    Breaking stuff, the movie!

    Thank you
  3. Hello I am interested in the wheel spacers just thinking just about having one set for the rear as don't want to cause wheel wobble on the front have you any experience with this ?

    also I am running 19" carrera classic on my 987.

    1. Paul676


      Heres my number 07809209211. thanks Paul

  4. Southy


    Insure the Porsche in your wifes name and insure one of the other cars separately without NCD, you may be able to get the NCD mirrored on the second car. No NCD on anything other the Porsche will be cheaper. I insure my car with Locktons they arrange insurance for PCGB and have a special scheme that doesn't use NCD at all, I would call them to discuss it. http://locktonperformance.com/our-cover/porsche.html
  5. Southy

    Insurance renewal time...

    For those that need it, PCGB do car valuations, I did the form Sunday and e-mailed it off with Photos etc, got the valuations back Monday afternoon. I've now sent this to Locktons who will accept and now agree the value
  6. Southy

    Locktons PCGB renewal

    I know what you mean I have joint pcgb membership with my wife we have to go to a couple of pcgb events to make it worthwhile. If you don't need breakdown cover or agreed value then you could find cheaper alternatives.
  7. Southy

    Locktons PCGB renewal

    Same here I paid a £30 fee - but the whole policy had only gone up £15 from last year, with the free breakdown cover and agreed value (When I sort the PCGB valuation out) it's still a good deal for me, and the PCGB track day cover if/when I get round to doing it.
  8. Southy

    Insurance renewal time...

    Great stuff, I'll try and get the car out tomorrow haha depending on the snow
  9. Southy

    Insurance renewal time...

    I had my Locktons renewal through, premium increase of £14 which I can live with now £314 - includes Euro Breakdown, damage to the car if used on PCGB arranged track days and agreed value if I can be bothered getting PCGB valuation. Some good deals about @rowbos seems good if they take the company letter and protected it Having checked PCGB the valuation service seems very straight forward, so I'll now be doing this aswell, will be interesting to see what the say. https://www.porscheclubgb.com/membership/membership-benefits/vehicle-valuations
  10. Southy

    Insurance renewal time...

    It's worth asking them they state
  11. Southy

    Insurance renewal time...

    My renewal with Locktons is due in December, I paid £300 last year with included breakdown UK/EU and PCGB membership, although I had already joined! - they don't use NCD so my man maths is telling me I need another car to maintain my max ncd I need a shopping trolley, was thinking something like a Honda Type R 2008-10 vintage but the seats look uncomfortable
  12. Southy

    Insurance renewal time...

    IF your not PCGB, locktons will pay for your membership to join, that plus the breakdown cover is worth it
  13. Southy

    Insurance renewal time...

    Locktons should be seen as a 'classic car policy' they don't use NCD, I'm with them and pay £300 per year. they state the benefits as: A fast and fair claims service. You choose the repairer. No arguments about the value of your Porsche after a claim. You can keep the salvage if your Porsche is written-off. Five named drivers. You can use your Porsche for Track Days and Rallies. Your Porsche is insured for driving in the EU. Complete UK & EU breakdown cover. We'll look after everything if your keys are stolen.
  14. Southy

    They've written my 986 off

    Would you consider a payout and keeping the salvage? you know the car, get a payment from the insurer keep the car and have it repaired.
  15. Southy

    Stay logged into the forum

    In my andriod/win 10 world no problems here