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  1. Insurance renewal time...

    IF your not PCGB, locktons will pay for your membership to join, that plus the breakdown cover is worth it
  2. Insurance renewal time...

    Locktons should be seen as a 'classic car policy' they don't use NCD, I'm with them and pay £300 per year. they state the benefits as: A fast and fair claims service. You choose the repairer. No arguments about the value of your Porsche after a claim. You can keep the salvage if your Porsche is written-off. Five named drivers. You can use your Porsche for Track Days and Rallies. Your Porsche is insured for driving in the EU. Complete UK & EU breakdown cover. We'll look after everything if your keys are stolen.
  3. They've written my 986 off

    Would you consider a payout and keeping the salvage? you know the car, get a payment from the insurer keep the car and have it repaired.
  4. Stay logged into the forum

    In my andriod/win 10 world no problems here
  5. Limited mileage

    I have classic car insurance with Locktons, it limited to 5k a year, doesn't use NCD and if I could be bothered they will agree the value upon receipt of a valuation report. Welcome by the way
  6. How To: Bring your Dash Speakers up to spec

    just like this:
  7. How To: Purchase a budget 986 Boxster

    @Araf Sticky this one?
  8. How To: Bring your Dash Speakers up to spec

    Great write up mate, I followed this exactly when I did mine, the sound output is much better and was one the best upgrades I've done.
  9. Cat D insurers

    Or Lockton Insurance brokers who are the PCGB brokers - I'm sure they have seen a few Cat cars in the past http://www.locktonperformance.com/
  10. Drainage holes

    We can do a 986 walk round on Sunday, show you some of the tricks
  11. oil change

    this might help
  12. Thanks for posting these videos they are great help to the new guys.
  13. How to: fit 987 interior (and number plate) LEDs

    Are these the ones that burst into flames? Only joking, I had to replace my number plates lights as one 'blew' other than that the rest were a great upgrade
  14. Never thought of them, they are about 150 miles closer,looks like I ought not reply on that thread

  15. Southey.

    what is your thoughts on the exhaust mod.  Now you have had and driven a little.  I was with lee 2 weeks ago and we discussed it??