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  1. I assume that you mean a private sale/purchase. Don't know the answer to your question, but I can't imagine why any finance house would do PCP on used without a dealer involved. PCP is based on value now, and value at end of term. This would mean individual and independant valuations on each car would need to be done as part of the deal. Can't see a finance house doing this. But maybe there are some that do....
  2. Thats v.good. Coincidentally, I renewed mine today with ESure. £519 (down on last year). And I'm older than you! Which Boxster owner has got the cheapest insurance? Which Boxster owner has got the most expensive insurance?
  3. Elephant stitched me up for a 10 month policy on my second car when i thought i was buying a 12 month policy. Make sure you don't fall into the trap of comparing 10 months to 12 months quotes
  4. Just did an online quote at esure. WoW!! I have never been able to find anything cheaper than Direct Line. Direct Line quoted me £775 for the new Boxster - due any time Esure quoted £552. A saving of £223 Guess I'm signing up with eSure
  5. £700 (approx) on the Porker with full no claims (65%) with Direct Line £350 on the Ford Fiesta (office/airport hack) with Zero No-Claims. My entire adult life has been insurance-claim free (some 25 years), and I have to start all over again with the second car I own Crazy!
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