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  1. Have you received an email regarding this as my insurance only renewed with them yesterday? Thanks
  2. I used a finance company promoted on one of the Youtubers (was very sceptical to begin with) that I watch from time to time, they financed the car through a finance subsidiary of a rival Car manufacturer and the car was purchased from Porsche OPC. To give an idea the PCP was 2% lower than Porsche PCP % rate and was a very easy and pleasant experience. IMHO you need to just ask what the OPC will give you if they take their finance and that value is worth circa 2% off to you. They will and are very keen for you to take their finance obviously.
  3. I think this policy is great value - UK and European breakdown assistance for account holder(s) in any vehicle whether a driver or passenger, registered in the UK, that they are travelling in Cover for anyone driving one UK registered vehicle registered to the account holder and which is being used with his/her permission. Where the account is in joint names then up to two vehicles can be covered Assistance provided at home and at the roadside with national recovery and onward travel No call out limit * No excess to pay Nationwide Building Society Flex Account
  4. I also rely on Nationwide B/soc for Euro breakdown/Travel Insurance and at £13 a month I think its quite cheap for all the other beneifts also. You also get 5% interest on the first £2.5k balance in the account and if left in there it works out at circa £6 a month credit interest which reduces the cost.
  5. I pay around the £330 for a 981S and got a quote yesterday for a new Carrera GTS and the price only increased by £100!! Was shocked how low insurance is for the value of the cars.
  6. Just noticed Sainsburys are doing 2.9% APR on personal loans, think that will be quite a lot cheaper than what i have at the moment on my car which comes up for balloon payment at the end of this year.
  7. I have 1 year left on my 3 year PCP finance with Porsche and I am weighing up the options for next year of trading in for a newer car or extending the finance thats payable at the end of the term. Has anyone taken out extended finance recently with Porsche after their term expiry and if so it would be great to know the % rate Porsche would be looking for. Any info appreciated. Cheers
  8. I am about to purchase a Boxster S as a second car and have just spoken to insurance company who will honour the 9 yr no claim discount on the 2nd car. What has amazed me is they will also give the same 9yr no claims discount if the car is in my wifes name and so is the insurance policy with myself as a named driver. The insurance company have confirmed that if my wife takes the insurance out with a different company next year instaed of renewing with them they will issue a 9yr no claim confirmation in writing! This does not affect my 9 yrs no claim discount at all! Anyone ever heard of the
  9. Hi Jimmy

    Have you still got your car for sale and if so how much are you looking for the car? Can you send spec and pics if relevant, . thanks Jason

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