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  1. Hi, I'm selling one car and buying another and I want to keep the 'private / cherished / vanity' plate from my current car and move it to the new one. That's probably not an uncommon sequence for peeps on this forum. The question is: ... what's the best sequence of DVLA reg / log book / tax / insurance etc moves for least hassle, max speed, min headache and max legality - and how long should I expect it all to take once I press the go button? Is that: For the old car: + put current plate on retention with DVLA + get the new stock reg number for the old car and install plates to match + tell insurance the car is the same but the plate has changed. Do I need to re-tax on the new stock number for a few days while the car is in the process of being sold? For the new car: + use retention certificate to assign the private plate to new car and install new plates to match + tax and move insurance to new car (which now has the same plate as the old car) Wrap up: + will the tax on the old plate simply wash through or do I need to stop and re-start it? That is, does the tax belong to the VIN or the reg? + send in the two V5C 'log books' with the different owners on I'm sure there are a few gotchas - anyone know what they are? What's the timing look like for all this? Short of keeping the both cars off the road for a week or so while the machinations proceed, what's the legality / practicalities of driving while the tax / plates / insurance / ownership don't quite match up? TIA, Alan
  2. Hi, possible to tell me how to buy a standard set of silver / coloured crest fro a 987?

    Ta, Alan

  3. You -always- need to shop around - they make their money from the geezers that are too busy / lazy. Cheapest for me was admiral.
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