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  1. http://s172.photobucket.com/user/Entmad/library/Mobile%20Uploads I have emailed the Highways Agency and requested the CCTV footage but I am not to hopeful. I have attached a picture of the damage and am considering paying for the repairs myself. The light cluster has now been replaced by a secondhand unit. I have been quoted approx. £700 +vat for a new bumper supplied and fitted and a bumper repair specialist have said they can fix the existing bumper for £220 +vat. However I am not sure how good the repair would be for such a large split. Has anyone got experience of these types of repairs?
  2. Many thanks for your support guys. The idea of obtaining CCTV footage did occur to me but I doubt if this would be possible . I did argue at some length with my insurers about the issue of liability and was disappointed that they did not seem to take any notice of the conduct of the lorry driver after the accident. I have protected no claims on the Boxster and been told that the no claims bonus on my other two vehicles will not be affected should I have to claim. However they did admit that the initial premiums for these policies would be re assessed in the light of any claim so my future insurance cost is bound to increase.
  3. I was hoping to make a post in running reports, detailing my first year of Boxster ownership, which was going so well, but I will do that later. I have been thoroughly enjoying the car and decided to take her up to Revolution for a major service. Some 220 miles as I live in Kent, but I have been so impressed with the comments on this forum I thought I decided it was worth the trip. Persuaded the wife to come as well and booked a night at the Waterfront hotel thanks to Russ. Anyway left at 6.15 last Thursday and went via the Dartford tunnel. Got through the barrier and settled into the outside lane of the left hand bore following a line of cars in front. Just approaching the tunnel itself and felt a heavy thump at the back. A Polish lorry then passed on the inside of me. I followed the lorry through the tunnel and got my wife to take the reg number. Expecting the lorry to stop I was surprised to see the driver indicating right to carry on to the M25! I flashed and sounded my horn and he finally pulled over at the next junction. Got out the car with some trepidation to look at the damage. The nearside light cluster was smashed and bumper split on the corner. On approaching the lorry driver, who initially did not want to get out of his cab it was clear he could not speak any English but was shouting at me as it was my fault. I made him look at the damage and suggested we exchange details which he refused. I told him I would call the Police which my wife did. After which she managed to drop her new phone which promptly smashed. Police arrived and details were finally exchanged. Anyway phoned my insurance company later in the day and despite telling explaining to them that I was not manoeuvring or changing lane then the accident happened, they are telling me that because there were no third party witness unless the driver acknowledges he was at fault the accident will be put down to shared liability. So looks like I will have to pay the £500 excess and additional insurance costs on the Boxster and my other two cars for the next 5 years. At this pointing would just like to say a big thank you to Russ and the guys at Revolution who managed to source me used rear light cluster overnight and get me sorted for the trip home.
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