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  1. Gutley

    First visit to Revolution

    There isn’t much to do when the weather is good either😀
  2. Gutley

    How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    Maybe it had previously been replaced and the clip was not kept. Look for a hole going through the dome section.
  3. Gutley

    How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    Recently I've noticed a new rattle behind the driver's ear, so today I had a nose around and discovered that the tension rope on the driver's side had snapped: and left the other end of the ball joint still attached to the clamshell: I headed off to OPC Tonbridge to pick up a replacement part (986.561.191.02 - £27.44 after PCGB discount) Having previously had to undo the other end multiple times to raise the rear of the roof, I had assumed that it would be just as easy to twist this top joint off. But after some over-hard attempts and with the bracket starting to bend I figured I was missing something. At the size of the above photo, its pretty obvious, but in the fading light of dusk and less than perfect eyesight at close range I missed it. Yeah, there is a clip that runs around the base of the ball section. It needs unhooking and then pulling down. After this the joint twists off as easily as the other end. Here is a close up of where the clip feeds into the joint: After unhooking you pull it down and out to unlock the joint. When replacing the tensioner you have to keep the little metal clip from the old one as it isn't included with the replacement. Only one end of the tensioner has the holes for the clip and its that end that attaches to the clamshell. Hope that helps someone else avoid applying too much force to the joint in future.
  4. Gutley

    981 clear wind deflector MK2

    Welcome to 986 land chaps. Many a time I've wondered what a disembodied hand is doing behind me rear window
  5. Gutley

    Adrian Flux - Avoid!

    @Araf - Any chance of moving this to a better section? It ain't no meet or track day.
  6. Hi Matt

    any news on the car yet from Rev.?

  7. Hi Gutley,

    You can add me to the Map.

    I'm based in Whitehaven, Cumbria Postcode CA28 8AD

    Own a 987.2 (2010), my first Porsche (since Oct 2016)..... Love it, especially driving around the Lakes.




  8. Gutley

    Admiral insurance

    Did you not go for multi-car insurance on it?
  9. Gutley

    How to Access the footwell comfortably

    Quite right Mr Cocoa Brown.
  10. Gutley

    How to Access the footwell comfortably

    She'll throw you if she sees this!
  11. I always dread having to do any work in the footwell, especially anything requiring getting you upper body in there. Usually involves contortionist style poses, or laying upside down in the seat with legs sticking up in the air. Today I settled on this setup of a footstool and a pillow it made changing my brake switch bearable as I could just lay flat across it and the pillow without too much pain. Now I just need a solution to the terrible claustrophobia while working in there and the 2 hours of feeling nauseous afterwards.
  12. Gutley

    A Plan Offices

    And Maidstone
  13. I do have that visor Matt, passenger side but not Cocoa, yours if you can use it though, no problem. Would you like a pic. Cos there's a bit missing?

    1. topradio


      Matt. You should be able to swap over the broken flap and keep your visor.

  14. Gutley

    How to videos

    Impressed and subscribed. Thanks
  15. Didn't work on my 986. Suspect for once its too new