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  1. JohnSyn

    Zunsport grills

    Struggling to fit one of the grills, I've fitted them to two previous cars without issues. Any tips?
  2. Good to hear Patt, look forward to see you Sunday week.
  3. Hi Patt I was with Bob ( Topbox) today and he mentioned your bad news. So sorry I've not picked this up before, I've not been on the forum much over the past couple of weeks. Take care eh, I'm sure something will come along for you. Like a lot of your friends on this forum, thinking of you. Best John
  4. I'm currently with Aviva/Marsh for both cars ( 991 and Macan) and had received a letter saying I was staying with Marsh. However I have just received a letter saying previous letter wrong and being transferred to Carbon Insurance Brokers as my business came via Porsche within the last 6 years. Think this will be the spur I need to sort out more quotes!
  5. thanks Gordon, that's helpful. Not long now!
  6. Hi Gordon How did you get on? Happy to chat via pm if that's better. I'm interested as I've been approached, by our companies insurance broker, about having one of these extra value insurance arrangements where they look after all your insurances and you have a named person to deal with all matters concerning the insurance.
  7. Might be worth also trying Marsh Gordon, they appear competitive and form my experience provide a good service at a reasonable cost.
  8. when I asked Stuart, when I changed one of my cars recently, there appears there was some sort of cut off date agreed, in terms of how long you had been with Marsh, whereby they retained providing the insurance cover but were not the Porsche branded product.
  9. Hi Gordon I'm still with Marsh. I have both my cars insured with them, the Macan for 15000 miles per annum and the 991.2 GTS for 7500. I've got the tracker on the 991.2 and it was required by the insurer. Interestingly, as its a second car, the GTS isn't much more to insure than the Macan!. The premium you quote, for your car, is about half what I pay but I do live in South East London! My excess is £400.
  10. John, drop me a message with where you will be and I'll do my best to drop by. Im staying near my office on the west side of Houston near the I-10 towards San Antonio. I've never been but I hear it's nice and the river walk is cool. Enjoy the race and Texas. 

  11. JohnSyn

    Annual mileage

    Thanks Stuart...mine was just over £400 before the legal cover and insurance tax which I'm really happy with too. Its interesting, as you say, by adding things, in your case business mileage in mine added miles, makes so little difference.
  12. JohnSyn

    Annual mileage

    For info....spoke to Insurance Co today (Porsche Insurance) and they have increased my annual mileage limit, for the current year, at no cost and I've increased next years cover to 8000 miles, from 6000 miles, at an increase in premium of £16! Result or what! Well impressed with this!!
  13. JohnSyn

    Annual mileage

    Nice one Araf....I hadn't thought of that!
  14. JohnSyn

    Annual mileage

    I agree with what you say r1flyguy and its what I would normally do but my insurance is due at the end of next week and the car is going to be garaged until next Sunday ( the trip to Redhill!) so I was just interested to see if anyone had a view. I'll increase the mileage limit for the next year. The cars first MOT will be due in late 2018.
  15. Does anyone know the leeway Insurance Cos give on annual mileage limits? I realise its up to individual Cos but just a general view. I assumed something around 5-10% in a year?