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  1. John T

    Big thanks to Russ

    Revolution to the rescue again in double quick time
  2. John T

    First visit to Revolution

    Now then John You won't be disappointed Mate, never had anything but excellent service from Russ and his lads over the past 5 years, they know their Boxsters
  3. John T

    They've written my 986 off

    Stick to your guns and the price you believe to be fair, don't be pressured into accepting a low price and good luck
  4. My life is complete  B)

  5. XJR passed her MOT today :D

  6. Feeling stupid and gutted after crashing my Boxster while playing !

    1. edc


      Don't worry, we've all been there!

    2. mrbikerdood


      masturbating at the wheel...thats a new one John! :):)

  7. Lovin my own space and actually enjoying looking after myself, washing, ironing the whole 'shebang'. Happy Days.

    1. mrbikerdood


      I'll bring ironing up then John, I hate it :)

    2. RCS


      Mine needs washing before ironing - can i book you for Saturday? ;-))

  8. Starting a new single life

    1. richardy


      Now then John! I hope things will be good for you.

    2. mrbikerdood


      Lads holiday... :)

    3. John T

      John T

      Si, Could be worth a look :-)

  9. New Smartop is MEGA

  10. PPI payout, happy days

    1. mrbikerdood


      nice one m8!! i had one last month lol :0 o happy daze :)

    2. John T
  11. John T

    How to: Front Anti Roll Bar bush Replacement

    Good job and well explained Tony Mate, this is bound to help people in the future.
  12. John T

    Thanks to Russ & Revolution

    Russ and Revolution are 'the men'
  13. Happy to get the door put back together and the glass in the window.

  14. Mines due next month, will be shopping around to get the best deal, not necessarily the cheapest, good to know what other members have found. Cheers
  15. Still 'Buzzing' after our Dales Run