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  1. DIY Air Intake mod, Part 3 !

    And so,... does it run?
  2. H&R lowering springs install: Part 2 (rear)

    Yeah, I had to set the camera down for that one!
  3. H&R lowering springs install: Part 2 (rear)

    Heater? Heaters are for ricers! No, seriously though, this is Canada. The background noise that you can often hear in my videos is when I forget to turn off my 4800 watt construction heater that can get my garage up to 10 degrees C, which precludes my showing off my muscular torso in a t-shirt!
  4. Part 2 is up. A bit more detailed for those who have requested this. Comments and questions are always welcome!https://youtu.be/WNwTvXvUksk
  5. H&R lowering springs install: new video

    Thanks! I have already had the rears out once when I did the Bilstein install. Hopefully it will be easier the second time around!
  6. H&R lowering springs install: new video

    I originally registered as NewArt, but the folks at BoXa admin must have been fans of the TV show and Newhart it became! Oh well.
  7. H&R lowering springs install: new video

    Yes, hopefully it was worth it!
  8. Check out the new video up on my YouTube channel. It's part 1 of 2 dealing with installing struts and lowering springs in the Boxster: https://www.youtube.com/user/12shoes2 (Still waiting for a part for my airbox/TB mod so part 3 of that series is not yet finished.)
  9. Big Air for the Boxster!

    You can see Part 2 at https://www.youtube.com/user/12shoes2 Hope you enjoy it! NewArt
  10. Big Air for the Boxster Part 2 !

    And here it is! Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/user/12shoes2
  11. Big Air for the Boxster!

    Part 2 is in the can! In the editing bay now and will be available shortly!
  12. Big Air for the Boxster!

    Thanks! I've been active for several years on the 986 Forum but thought that I might drop in here. My forum name is supposed to be NewArt , and is so on the other forums. Here, it gained an H, becoming Newhart! I guess someone was a fan of the TV show.
  13. Big Air for the Boxster!

    Passing these winter months doing an air intake and throttle body modification to my Boxster S! I did the base dyno run and the results were pleasing. I'm currently doing the mod and documenting it. We'll see if it's all worth while at the end with the final dyno run!If you would like to see what I am up to, here's the YouTube link: