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  1. SO why does Saga want over £700 when I've got 9 years NCB and keep the car in a locked garage, the only 'extra' is business use? (For some reason I didn't take them up on their kind offer.)
  2. This year the premium has gone up by around £100. I tried LV and Saga, LV gave a very similar quote, and Saga wanted another £300 BEFORE adding in business use (which I need) so it would have been nearer £400 more! So have stuck with current insurer as I'm getting to the age when insurance firms won't want me as a new customer, especially when renewing my motorcycle insurance.
  3. Thanks - a clear explanation which I will attempt (wondering if 14 year old screw fixings will surrender to my efforts) as I want to fit rear sensors.
  4. Hi there Rev Ken,

    Just thought I'd say hello. I'm based in Whitehaven, and only recently  (Oct 2016), purchased my first Boxster.... Love driving around the Lakes in it.... 



  5. SO far as I am aware the excess is always payable, no matter whose fault it is, unless your insurance firm can get satisfaction form teh other party. However most insurance firms don't even bother to pursue the guilty party in order to save time and money by working on the principle of 'knock for knock' irrespective of who is to blame.
  6. Useful information regarding strong points for jacking whole car and supporting it on axle stands. I've got a jack, but my axle stands have been stolen by my son and are getting past their sell by date, so what ones are recommended that don't cost an arm and a leg - but are sturdy enough not to lose an arm or a leg when working underneath?
  7. Generally insurance companies jack up premiums, or refuse to insure you, for performance enhancing modifications, but are more relaxed about other mods.
  8. On my recent bike tour of Europe and Balkans, while overtaking two cars on an Italian mountain pass, the gap between them closed up (I think the first car I was overtaking was fed up with bikes overtaking him and decided to make things awkward) and a maniac car coming the other way came round the bend at a warp speed forced me to cut in front of the leading car - I clipped his wing with my pannier, but managed to stay rubber side up. While I had the car driver as a witness to the dangerous driving of the approaching car, my insurers said that as I couldn't identify the vehicle coming the other
  9. I've certainly had similar experiences when insuring my motorcycles, and I've changed insurers with my Boxster for the same reason, but I am at an age where most insurance firms are reluctant to take me on, so room for manoeuvre is rapidly diminishing.
  10. When buying our VW Golf Cabriolet three years ago I used VW finance over three years, got a reasonable discount as a reward, invested sufficient funds in a three year fixed term ISA to pay off the balance. Overall a positive financial outcome earlier this month, although I doubt it would work to-day.
  11. It's the DSG gearbox that worries me. The software has improved over the years (this is the fourth VW we've had fitted with DSG) but even this one does - or rather doesn't - do things it ought not/should do. It has been reset, but I'm not that confident! Still I will be talking to my dealer for their views, next week.
  12. I'm looking at extending my VW Golf's warranty as it is coming up to 3 years old, and I still have reservations about the DSG gearbox. Has anybody had experience of Warranty Direct or Warranty Wise? (for the Boxster Warranty Wise do a 'Lite' insurance that depends on the car needing recovery which even for my '53' Boxster is remarkably cheap and I'm tempted as I can't afford full cover. For a car over 10 years old they would pay 50% of the cost of parts parts, but full labour costs. Again I wonder if anybody has had any experience - not that I would wish a major breakdown on anybody, but if t
  13. Insurance firms are clamping down of the Whiplash scam and in consequence premiums are falling. Apparently this scam has cost us on average £50 a year on our insurance.
  14. At least the neighbour has come clean and done everything correctly so there is a balance to be struck when adding costs if they are to remain 'good'neighbours!
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