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  1. The insurance company don't want the hassle of dealing with a foreign insurance co', however the police were clearly not interested either as the lorry driver left the scene of an accident.
  2. A cancelled policy has to be bad news for you as you would have to declare this when taking out future policies. I have had a travel insurance claim kicked back, which was a shame as it was an annual policy that had been in force for a couple of years and would likely still be in force today if they had paid out.
  3. Welcome to the site, good luck with the car, what a useful fist post too
  4. why was yesterday the most depressing day? I have had worse

  5. Perhaps you need to trade your Boxster in or see if you can get a shorter policy at a reduced price.
  6. It could just be that they have more data on the 986 (no suprise as it is out of production now), the value of claims and number of total loss claims is likely to be higher on the 986.
  7. You can drive an untaxed vehicle to and from a pre-booked MOT though.
  8. We always shop around if the increase is unreasonable too, they obviously don't want your custom though as that is enough of an increase to scare anyone off.
  9. The TSB's are availiable on Renntech however you have to make a donation to to be able to access them.
  10. We have a quote from Aviva for our 911 which is competitve too.
  11. The link is probably broken, have a google to see if you can find an operational link.
  12. Put it on your existing policy, you can usually get upto 60 days.
  13. Computers and databases abound now so you can bet the incedent will be storred and available to view, if you have an accident in the future and haven't declared it then it could affect the insurance companies willingness to pay out. It also oes to prove that your insurance should be cheaper if you have offroad parking.
  14. Zurich is large company, they cover most risks like buildings, contents, business, liability insurance and the like so I doubt you will have much bother.
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