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  1. Jumped in the car on Monday to drive home to find the from screen covered in thick mist that wouldn't clear and a overheating coolant smell. The water temperature remained normal, after a bit of research the heater matrix seemed the most likely culprit. As it turns out it's not that big a job as it is on normal cars where the heater matrix sits on the inside of the bulkhead in a Boxster it 's on the outside so easy replacement. I expected the matrix to quite expensive OEM £416 or Hella £120. Guess which way I went? Hella, correct. Anyway this how to swap one out. Remove the wiper arms, then the 3 Torx screws on the plastic scuttle At either edge of the windscreen are 2 nuts Disconnect the wiring to heated washer jets and remove the wiper scuttle in the centre you can see where the matrix is, behind the battery under the membrane Remove the wiper motor 3 screws,no need to disconnect the wiring just move to one side Disconnect the 2 struts, 3 screws each Clamp the two hoses Remove the membrane and undo the jubilee clips The matrix is held in by two screws and spring clips Reverse the procedure to finish off. You may will need to bleed the coolant system after I filled the matrix up with coolant before I put it back in.
  2. Oi what's wrong with central Leeds Just been quoted £250 full NDC protected no claims 10k pa for north Leeds, with SAGA must be a sign of the times!
  3. That's very kind of you , thanks.

    Kim Hollamby

    Trimmer's Pond

    Lower Road

    Forest Row

    East Sussex RH18 5HE

  4. Don't be do your research and you'll be amazed what you can do
  5. I've tried this before and been unable to get to work. Seen to remember reading somewhere that it only works on cars up to a certain age.
  6. Great wright up Jon. I've looking forward to this since you said you were doing it. It's an upgrade I would like to do, so have to read through a couple more times to see if it's something I feel happy tackling. Well done David
  7. Very interested in that one, how did it go? Hope it didn't affect your newly installed cruise and obc
  8. Thanks David - it took a little while to write up and get the photos done but I've been a follower of the forum for a while and learnt plenty of useful stuff so I figured it was about time to give something back! I'd certainly recommend it the mod. Depending on the year of your car, there may be slight differences to the procedure but none of it's rocket science. Good luck and happy Boxstering! Fitted cruise and obc yesterday and your guide was a great help especially the bit below as mine did not need the connection, I had run the cable just incase. Everything worked as it should first go. Next time I'm down at drago.d's, Kings Langley I'll buy you a beer it's the least you deserve. Cheers David NB: Having spoken to Richard Hamilton about some of the wiring, it appears the information on the Pelican Parts website (and their book) may actually be incorrect. It would seem that only MY2000 cars need the connection between the DME and instrument cluster (to light the bulb on the dash); MY2001 and onwards use the CANbus system to communicate with the instrument cluster and illuminate the cruise bulb. If you connect the DME to the instrument cluster on a MY2001 or later car, you'll probably blow the cruise circuitry in the DME. Be warned! :-)
  9. I'm quite happy to swap my 150mb broadband for you house in France in you like
  10. Jon That was a great write up, bet the post took longer that the job it's self! I have had mine coded for OBC and cruise as I have neither. Your post has only re-enforced my opinion that it should crack on as soon as I'm back from my holls. I had already decided to buy a new unit from OPC due to the lack of units for sale and the high price, for not much more I'd rather have a new unit. Great anyway well done David
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