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    987.1 key upgrade

    I do lots of these. The Transponders are very easy to damage be careful. https://keyrepair.co.uk/?product=porsche-key-refurbishment and I repair / refurb the older keys as well. very common for the crystal to fail in these https://keyrepair.co.uk/?product=porsche-key-refurbishment-copy Gary
  2. This post should help https://sites.google.com/site/mikefocke2/drainsdiagram
  3. Yes just open the roof to the halfway point. two drain holes on each side.
  4. Thought I would add some quick pictures on the 987 drain holes. Having read various stories of blocked drain holes causing floods and very expensive repairs. I started by dropping roof halfway down and in the channel you will see the grommet / drain hole, I used a net curtain hanging wire to clean them trough . If you look further down you will see the other drain hole. Mine had various leaves stuck in it so defiantly worth checking! Moving into the front boot there are four drain holes around the battery. Start by removing the covers.... This one on mine was completely blocked and very difficult to see / find,,,, others were not to clever either. On the other side (passenger) after spending lots of time picking bits of leaves out of these rubber grommet drains I discovered you can just pull them out! as you can see, probably best way to clear these would be to push a 3/8 extension bar (or similar) and push any debris through.
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