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  1. Dwdg

    How To: Purchase a budget 986 Boxster

    This guide really helped me evaluate my recent purchase and decide to proceed.
  2. Dwdg

    How To: Purchase a budget 986 Boxster

    Overwhelming guide and some serious food for thought. Also looking and it's definitely better to be warned than to fall foul. A lot to to digest. Thanks for posting.
  3. I'm looking for a Boxster. Ideally looking to send around 3 -5k on the car dependent on work required. May go higher for the right car but mindful of needing to spend 1-2k in first 18 months from what I read.

    As a weekend toy I'd like the best condition I can find for the money with FSH, original as possible and any spec/colour/engine. Mileage is dependent on condition. It will be loved and cherished and a long term relationship - I hope.