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  1. I have the 981 insured with NFU and home insurance also I’m picking up the motor home tomorrow so I called to add that to my insurance £20000 on the MH protected nc And fully comp the normal i nearly fell of the bench when I was told the full cost of adding it on to my policy £38 for the year added on to the policy I thought it was an extra £38 per month at first I asked repeatedly if that was the total cost a few times. I’m over the moon. And they also don’t charge if you to do adjustments like pvt plates and stufff. So im giving the NFU a big 10 stars 🌟 Gice then a call for car and home you may get a big surprise🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤗👜
  2. I did it 3 times on a 987. On 3 different cars 😇The latch can sit very close and catch on the 987. I became a dab hand at replacing them in the end 👜🧐💄🥃
  3. I get full recovery and breakdown with my insurance for the car 🚙
  4. Glad you got it fixed mate and cheaply 👍 and another fix for the 981 without the Porsche tax
  5. Keep me in the loop on this one mate. I have a aqua blue as well
  6. It’s you that’s dodgy didn’t you realise. A face only a mother could love 😱
  7. What about posh Porsche pr*cks. With a unicorn dabba.
  8. yes it looks great . pop a link up for the tool mate .. my car is aqua blue also
  9. fat haggis

    Zunsport grills

    Not got a GTS (well the back lights Are gts😁) you havre to be firm with them mate.
  10. i moved from a 987 to a 981 with a big difference in valuations . . guess how much extra i had to pay my insurance company for the pleasure .. £00.00 extra .
  11. I'm with nfu also great policy and a great price . When I moved from a 987 to the 981 ..no price increase. Happy days. ?
  12. only time that happend to me as i put a pvt plate on a new car at first registration . all other cars have been given back the original plate issued to them at first registration .
  13. Easy put on retention. Once done you can put. Old number back on instantly .. tax sorted by DVLA and mot also. Will take up to a week to get new v5 with old number on... Tell insurance it's back on old number.. once your happy to put retention on newer car .again easy. Onile . You can put number on car instantly. Once again tax and mot sorted by DVLA.. again up to a week untill v5 is sorted. Tell insurance..
  14. I bin all the locking nuts I gotta on cars. Nothing but trouble.
  15. Most of them should be on a classic policy mate. Usually a lot cheaper
  16. Take the cash mate. Will you still get mileage on top
  17. My land rover costs more to inure than my porker. ? si. Did you give them your mental age of 18 or something ?
  18. Im already covered not folks thnaks anyhow .........
  19. would any kind soul with a spare diode for the fog light mod . could they please post me one on , im sure i had a pair spare but i cant find them
  20. ringing around for insurance and the NFU was by far the best for me not the cheapest but not expensive either .. no interest charges if paying monthly no charges what so ever if you need to make changes (car reg number after plates change ex extra ) recovery (i already have that with bank ) a great deal and great to deal with ( a local commercial van reversed into our parked family car last year (small crack to bumper ) the NFU accepted total fault and settled without fuss car fixed sharpish........... just to let you lot know you will be surprised on the cover they offer and no mid term charges or any extra charges whatsoever ....... im more than happy with the level of cover they give......
  21. i paid £105 fully comp for my smart fortwo tow car ( straight 3 and a whole 699cc ) £250 for my 987 £212 for the ,motorhome
  22. i have them already for my motorhome .......... simple and work well
  23. insuring cat c/d cars is not a problem and not bottom of the barrel policies either .......
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