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  1. yeah they will use it as an excuse to charge you a few quid....even on my 1985 n/a diesel landrover, the sponsor stickers i stuck all over the dents put the insurance up by 27 quid - as it "made the vehicle more stealable" trying to explain that you get expelled from the car thieves guild for stealing a b reg diesel landy made no difference of course if you do wrap it, make sure the MOT tester knows its a wrap and puts the original colour on the test details, or the dvla will update the details according to the *new* colour
  2. and that looks like a good one - not much more than warrantywise etc either...
  3. worth looking at the small print as well, as most of the warranty companies have a/ warranty claim limit b/hourly rate labour limit. seems to be with most of the warranty companies, you're looking at about a 3* payout max on policies under 500.00. even the "limitless" ones have an upper limit on claim of 75% of the cars value, a list of exclusions as long as your arm, and somewhat restrictive labour rates (60 quid p/h) They also exclude replacement/refitting of non broken parts, and a contribution to betterment. sure there are good ones out there, but i haven't found them let
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