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  1. Cool! That fies in the face of expectations/popular opinion. Well done.
  2. Any increase in premiums from previous year on renewal?
  3. Nope! Not sure yet who they use to underwrite, which is more important...
  4. £95! Flippin heck, that's a fantastic price!
  5. £185 your Boxster, versus £566 mine. Is that the difference between 3 yrs NCD and max NCD I wonder? Cracking price that!
  6. That's a great deal, too. I might talk to them at renewal next year.
  7. Cheers KPE, I shall watch out for that. Seems like they're all the same; there I was thinking I'd be rewarded for loyalty (been with my previous insurers for years and years) but it turns out they've been ripping me off and the only peeps who get rewarded are new customers. How did I not know this at my age? Especially considering I worked for a motor insurance intermediary for 4 years, albeit on the IT side. I must be stoopid.
  8. Thanks Meno! Just under 2 weeks now - 9 April. Cue snow... It's been a feckin long year but March, flippin March has been the longest month in the history of all months ever! I am stupidly excited and am barely able to think about anything else. Beer excepted of course!
  9. Well, I was expecting the worst, insuring the 981S as an additional vehicle. I got a quote from Admiral with their multi-car product that adds the Boxster, making 3 cars and it's £200 pa cheaper than I was paying for the 2 cars previously! Result! We had 9+ years NCD on one policy, 4 on the other and they've given me 3 on the Boxster. It's actually cheaper to insure than the A3, albeit I've gone for £1k excess on it. Boxster comes in at £566 for the year. I've had one small fault claim in last 3 years, dammit. That'll do nicely!
  10. Thanks Pos - hadn't thought about this being a new policy! Will have to do some juggling...
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