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  1. jimbob2911

    Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    Totally agree it has to be genuine customers. If someone hasn't dealt with your company then completely agree these should be straight deleted. As long as customers who have dealt with company have their comments left.
  2. jimbob2911

    Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    Unfortunately, the second the company involved is allowed to self audit then the whole system of customer satisfaction is wrong. IMHO. I dont disagree russ and the team are exceptionally good but then customers should be allowed to make their own judgement including the odd idiot
  3. jimbob2911

    Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    Why wouldn't you allow all feedback to be left? If only positive feedback is left this defeats the whole object
  4. Southey.

    what is your thoughts on the exhaust mod.  Now you have had and driven a little.  I was with lee 2 weeks ago and we discussed it??