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  1. @K.I.T.T. my policy is with Hastings Premier (not NFU) It cost £219 protected NCB, 100 comp excess, a few other bells and whistles too...I'm an old bugger born in the 60s. Critically (for me) their policy covers the convertible roof whereas many other policies from other insurers (inc NFU) do not.
  2. Yes of course the claims process is important which is why I was keen to take out a policy with NFU Mutual....but as above the small print didn't cover the hood so ruled them out. So getting the right cover is also very important. On the plus side, the policy i decided to take out with Hasting Premier I had a pretty good experience with front windscreen replacement - my car had a new Saint Gobain tinted top screen fitted at a dedicated windscreen fitting premises, none of this fit the windscreen on your drive (In all weathers) nonsense that you get with certain other policies
  3. Great minds and all that (or is it fools never differ :-))
  4. I agree but only to a point - let me clarify. Last year I did the usual comparison merry go round at renewal time and found some very low prices but these were coupled with high voluntary excess (250+), I tried a few of the forum sponsors too which at face value seemed to a good balance of cover vs excess, finally I also got a reasonable quote from the reputable insurance company NFU Mutual. BUT and its an important BUT....only 2 out of the 10 or so policies I checked covered the convertible roof for damage and / or vandalism, which brings me full circle back to my comment...check the policy small print carefully and make sure you are comfortable with the cover being provided for your Boxster. Speaking personally, I would much rather pay an extra 10% premium knowing I have a policy that fully covers my Boxster and contains no exclusion clauses for the roof. (even the NFU Mutual policy had the exclusion clause so price cannot be used as an indicator) Hopefully that makes a little more sense
  5. To underpin what Araf says above, about 8 years back our 2005 MY MINI Conv (4 years old with 40K miles) developed a power steering fault but was out of its 3 year warranty but has always been serviced by MINI. Initially they told me I'd have to pay for a new Power Steering pump to be fitted 1K + cost to me, I queried that and quoted to them that this was a known issue within the MINI network and should be fixed FOC. They denied this initially before backing down and fitted the new P/S pump for free (I just paid a nominal fee for the P/S fluid) :-)
  6. Just a thought before you decide, our Mini F55 which had been faultless during the previous 18k miles developed an electrical fault which was diagnosed to be a faulty wiring loom......so a BRAND new wiring loom has just been fitted. MINI have had the car for just short of a month, I would not look forward to that invoice if it was out of warranty!
  7. Cheap insurance is just cheap insurance.....check the small print and see if you feel comfortable with it covering your Boxster
  8. mickemo

    Drainage holes

    Nothing so satisfying as clearing the tubes eh :-)
  9. Why do I always have to be Mr White ?
  10. Adding in one more if thats ok ? - Starter Motor squeal/screech (apparently caused by clutch dust/debris finding its way into the starter motor)
  11. Folks, I've just renewed my Boxster insurance. I got quotes from the forum sponsors, usual comparison websites etc...and bought the best vfm policy (Hastings Premium) factoring in the level of cover provided (and perhaps more importantly what is not covered e.g. the convertible hood in some instances) £234 with a Total excess £100 so happy with that as well over £100 less than I paid last year for a better level of cover
  12. Keep these how to posts coming Vroomba, I find them interesting and useful.
  13. I called one of the site sponsors to get a tentative quote as my policy with Admiral expires in early April this year......well it was about a third more expensive that Admirals price with lower excess. In fairness they did say it was too early to get a firm quote but even so it was way over the top on price...........or was it ? (Jeremy Clarkson voice) Do the cost drawbacks of insurance from a specialist company outweigh the benefits e.g. lower cost in my case of a high street insurer such as Admiral - e.g. what will their policy be for windscreen replacement, will they replace with OEM glass at a reputable fitting centre or will they insist on cheapo Autoglass,bodge it on your driveway fitting. Same for accident repairs etc...
  14. Glad you got it sorted rowbos....I enjoyed this thread and learned a few things along the way!
  15. im interested in learning more about PPI too, i don't think I've ever knowingly taken out PPI but have had a mortgage for over 20 years + other usual bank loans etc...how would I know If I was due any money back ?
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